October 8th, 2007

I am totally in shock over here- I finished knitting something!!!

I started this sweater last spring but then it got too hot to knit with wool. Plus, Ravelry snatched all my knitting time and wouldn’t give it back. ๐Ÿ™‚

Luckily, with the weather getting a bit crispier (at times) here in Boston the last couple weeks, I haven’t been able to resist any longer and Forecast finally got off the needles.

(color is wonky for some reason in the 1st image- others are more color accurate)
Img 2120-1 Img 2185-1 Img 2128
Img 2190-1

Pattern is, of course, Forecast by the lovely mommy-to-be Stefanie Japel.

The yarn is Plymouth Tweed in 5320, burgundy/ dark plum.

More details here on Ravelry! (Sorry for those still waiting!!)


86 Responses to “Forecast”

  1. Stacie Says:

    Yay! I wish I could actually finish something. Great job!

  2. Jennie Says:

    It’s gorgeous! I love the fit and color. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. chris Says:

    It’s wonderful!!! I can’t believe Ravelry snatched all your time away and wouldn’t give it back! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Carole Says:

    It looks great, Jess. I predict you’ll get lots of wear out of it now.

  5. mel Says:

    I love this pattern! It’s lovely in this golor and it looks great on you good job Jess!!

  6. Mintyfresh Says:

    Great job! I’m on an FO high and desperate to knit more more more ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Carrie Says:

    oh Jess, it looks perfect! I love it! I also love your face in the Bob picture.

  8. Betsy Says:

    and Bob is still so freakin cute. Cannot wait to see you guys!!!!
    Looks like it will be after Thanksgiving this year……will you be available?

  9. Connie Says:

    You look absolutely beautiful wearing your creation! Wonderful color and great pattern choice. We all love Ravelry, and thank you for all of your hard work. However, please still take time for your own knitting projects and try to remember that you need to knit too!

  10. Marlena Says:

    I love it! The fit is great, and the color suits you. Also, of course, love Bob!

  11. Cheryl Says:

    It’s fabulous and it looks great on you. Congrats!

  12. monica Says:

    It’s gorgeous! I think Bob needs a matching sweater. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. lynnewio Says:

    Fabulous! I’m still trying to find buttons for mine. It’s hard to get an accurate read on the color of my yarn, too. It’s actually the color of your first picture. How odd!

  14. Lara Says:

    Congrats for getting to KNIT! WOOT! And the sweater DOES look perfect! Nice job!!!

  15. Wannabe Says:


  16. Christie Says:

    You’ve got the perfect shape for that sweater. and I like the reddish hair…super cute!

  17. Sarah Says:

    Gorgeous!!!! Perfect color and fit!

  18. Stacey Says:

    I think one of the best compliments is this: I never wanted to make Forecast till I say yours. It is gorgeous.

  19. schrodinger Says:

    Va Va Voom. Congratulations on finishing a knit – you look fantastic in it.

  20. Nichole Says:

    LOVE it … and the color is great! That’s a cute pic of you & Bob too!

  21. Kate Says:

    Super cute! And don’t worry, Ravelry had snatched up pretty much all our knitting time. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  22. mitchypoo Says:

    It’s beautiful! I love that color and it’s very complementary on you!

  23. Andree Says:

    Great Job! I am surprised you have any time to knit!

  24. carrie m Says:

    looks fabulous — and a really really great color on you. reminds me of merlot. mmmmerlot.

  25. Karma Says:

    Oh, it’s so beautiful! I always admire the architechtural quality of that sweater on other people. Maybe it’s time to make one of my own. I love that you used a tweedy purple for it, yum. Congrats on finding some knitting time!

  26. Mary-Heather Says:

    Your sweater is lovely! I feel like Ravelry is getting a fair amount of my knitting time, so I can’t even imagine how you finished a sweater! Extra props to you!

  27. Romi Says:

    Wowza!!! That looks totally amazing on you!

  28. Manise Says:

    Awesome knit! It looks wonderful on you! It’s great to see you sneak in a post AND an FO too! ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. E to the M Says:

    So cute! I was just thinking about combining cable with garter the other day…I completely forgot about Forecast.

  30. Macoco Says:

    Your forecast looks beautiful, I love that color.

  31. Colleen Says:

    Jess, your Forecast is gorgeous! It totally compliments Bob’s eyes in that last picture ๐Ÿ˜‰ So glad that you have had at least a teensy bit of time to finish some knitting, I know you must be so busy with Ravelry.

  32. Terrie Says:

    This is beautiful! Love the picture with Bob ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. Stormy Says:

    Just wanted to send off a quick thank you. Gratitude and a smile. That is all. (=

  34. Sara Says:

    Perfect! The color is fantastic on you!!

  35. sprite Says:

    Congratulations on finishing in time for your birthday. The sweater looks beautiful and the weather seems to be perfect for wearing it.

    Happy 30th birthday. May the next 30 be even better!

  36. Dorothy Says:

    I love it! It fits you so well and looks good too.

    Happy Birthday!

  37. mrslaceknitter Says:

    Gorgeous Jess. A beautiful pattern, perfectly executed. Happy Birthday, you wonderful girl! Imagine achieving all this by your 30th birthday. Congratulations!

  38. E to the M Says:

    Happy birthday!

  39. Katia Says:

    Joyeux Anniversaire!

  40. Manise Says:

    Happy Birthday!

  41. scout Says:

    Oh it’s beautiful!!

  42. Jen S. Says:

    Very pretty!

  43. Marcy Says:

    Bob! Bob would look great in a sweater that color. ๐Ÿ˜€

  44. JJ Says:


  45. Sarah Says:

    Love it!! That sweater has looked SO cute on everyone that’s done it. Especially cute with Bob ๐Ÿ™‚

  46. Tiffany Says:

    Great job it looks fabulous!!!

  47. Nonnahs Says:

    Happy Belated Birthday, Jess! This looks great on you- the fit is perfect!

  48. lomester Says:

    You look fantastic! and happy belated birthday by the way.

  49. Knittingjuju Says:

    Oh it’s just gorgeous! That color looks so good on both of you. Don’t suppose you’d have any left for a second, smaller version? Boston’s need sweaters you know…

  50. Dorothy Says:

    Pictures of the fabulous Ravelry party are beginning to appear everywhere! Glad it was such a success. Maybe someday I’ll get to be there too.

  51. leslie Says:

    really, really beautiful!

  52. Jeanine Says:

    Forecast, looks AWESOME on you.

  53. Jackie Says:

    Hi there,

    How i wish i can attend the meetup. Love the badge too.

  54. Amy Says:

    Love the cables– they are ab. fab.

    And what an ADORABLE puppy!

  55. Annette Says:

    you look positively glowing in your sweater – good job!

  56. Valerie Says:

    What a beautiful sweater! I am loving the cabled! Congrats on your Finished Project!! You did a wonderful job on it!

  57. Melanie Says:

    oh, you poor thing! The invites will slow down eventually, I promise! Just curious, do you read all of the people’s blogs that get signed up before they get invited? I love your sweater and it’s the perfect color for you. Good luck with all of the ravelry stuff!

  58. alejandra Says:

    Muy lindo!!! Y te queda muy bien, muy lindo color. Felicitaciones!!!

  59. Jenny Says:

    A finished sweater! What does that feel like? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Yay!!!! It’s beautiful on you. You did an awesome job!

  60. Becka Says:

    And it so ROCKS! I love it, looks GREAT on you!!!

  61. Ana Says:

    Absolutely gorgeous and the fit is wonderful on you! I recently finished knitting the U-Neck Vest and it is such a wonderful fit as well! Now, I’ll need to make one for myself ๐Ÿ™‚

  62. elen Says:

    Dear frecklegirl,
    Iร‚ยดm elen, from raverly…
    And I let you a present in my blog, that I hope you like it…
    With love and Admiration

  63. Tirlittanknits Says:

    It is beautiful! By the way, thanks for inviting my to Ravelry. I have to set up my account properly asap.

  64. Le Televinque Says:

    I have to say that little Bob is some cute doggie! Hug the little rascal from me!

  65. wickerwoman Says:

    You know, that is so obviously a Stephanie design but you’ve so made it yours! As has been said already, I didn’t need it until I saw it on you – great job ๐Ÿ™‚

  66. Jennifer Says:

    wow, that’s fabulous – it looks great on you! i’ve been thinking about trying that pattern but find it a little intimidating.

  67. janet Says:

    Congrats on the FO!! I’ve been working on a sweater that I dearly wanted to have finished for Thanksgiving. I’m only starting the sleeve cap on the first sleeve and it’s almost Christmas.

  68. Randi Says:

    Hi Jess! I just read the statistic, wow, have you guy’s ever been successful with Ravelry! In one short year!! Fantastic! I hope you can make money on it,to live on, and to keep it running! It must by now be a full time job and more…
    Your sweater is beautiful! To bad Ravelry eat from your knitting time…
    I want to wish you a Happy New Year, and another successful year in 2008.
    Thank you so much for this fantastic forum!!!!

  69. Sarahc409 Says:

    Wow, it’s stunning!

  70. Linda Says:

    Hi! My friend, Nancy Iyer said she met you at a Barnes and Noble at the end of the summer, I think somewhere in Mass., but not sure. She knew I had signed up for Ravelry, so she’s been after me to drop you a line. You guys are doing a great job on this site!
    Happy knitting!

  71. Linda Says:

    Hi! My friend, Nancy Iyer said she met you at a Barnes and Noble at the end of the summer, I think somewhere in Mass., but not sure. She knew I had signed up for Ravelry, so she’s been after me to drop you a line. You guys are doing a great job on this site!
    Happy knitting!

  72. Vatsala Says:

    Its awesome. I liked the colour and fit.

  73. Frida Says:

    Wanted to thank you for youre great work with Ravelry and also your exciting blog. So I want to give you a “You make my day” award in my blog.
    Lots of Hugs

  74. D.B. Says:

    The sweater truly looks great. I have at least two incomplete sweaters. I hope to finally finish one soon.

  75. Yarn For This Says:

    Yarn In Your Medicine Cabinet?…

    “Knit two rows and call me in the morning” is not medical advice you will see written on your doctor’s prescription pad, but if we take a closer look, knitting has some great benefits to your health and well-being….

  76. Sheila Says:

    Hi! I’ve been looking at your book list and, by your recommendation, read the Thirteenth Tale and LOVED it. Now I’m reading The History of Love and it’s so good too. Thanks for the list of books!

  77. kerflop Says:

    That’s it! I’ve waited patiently long enough. It’s time for capital letters. WHERE HAVE YOU GONNNNEEEE???

  78. becka Says:

    It so rocks!

  79. ghislaine Says:

    Iam Ghislaine the french woman
    the work you did is absolutly terrific.
    Wish I could be that good.

  80. Kyle Says:

    Post something, will ya?


  81. LivM Says:

    It looks perfect. Good job!

  82. Jocelyn Says:

    Hi there. I just wanted to say that your projects are all so pretty. I wish I could be as good a you one day.

    I’m in Ravelry (Jhocy I think) but have not been able to get on there since my ISP is blocking the site. I contacted them to complain about it and explain what Ravelry is all about and they came back to me saying they blocked it because it is a dating site. I mean WTF? I went on to send them links of Ravelry found all over the net and so far they have not unblocked it nor replied to me.

    I live in Dubai where Islamic law and tradition is upheld. But hey, Facebook where people post almost naked photos and blatantly flirt and pick up girls is wide open to everyone.

    I miss Ravelry. ๐Ÿ™

  83. Fabulously40 Says:

    Great look on you.

  84. Caio Says:


    I’ve read your blog and really liked it. I’m a Brazilian college student who will be going to Boston in December for 3 months to improve my English. I’d like to get in touch with people who live in Boston so that I could meet them after I arrive. In case you’d like to talk to me, please send a message to my e-mail:

  85. Knitting Diva Says:

    Love your Forecast. I keep looking at this project and may have to knit it up before Winter End. Also, how did I ever live without Ravelry? Thank you. Thank you!

  86. Sharon Says:

    It fits you beautifully and the color is great. It just looks wonderful on you. Glad you got it done in time for lots of winter wear.