Something you may not know about me.

June 13th, 2007

If the following movies are on cable, I must watch them: Everything is Illuminated and Mr. and Mrs. Smith. I have seen them both countless times.

Sad but true.


30 Responses to “Something you may not know about me.”

  1. Mama-E Says:

    I am so broken when it comes to “RENT, “Winn Dixie” and “Stand By ME”
    Over and over and over again!

  2. Suz Says:

    Hmm. I’ve never seen either of those.

    However, i get sucked right into “Where The Heart Is”, “Hope Floats”, “The Firm” or “The Pelican Brief” any time i stumble over them.

    This week, one morning, i got sucked into THE BEST one of all though…”An Affair To Remember”. Swoon! Such a good movie!

  3. Jeanne B. Says:

    “When Harry Met Sally”, “Sleepless In Seattle”, “Rock Star”, “Almost Famous” and “the Horse Whisperer”. Those are my “can’t help but watch” movies, despite having them memorized.

  4. JessZ Says:

    That’s not sad. Sad is watching Desperately Seeking Susan every time you come across it. Not that I would do that but, uh, if someone did it would be sad.

  5. lomester Says:

    so not sad. Have you ever seen “teen witch”? I have. More times than I care to confess. That is sad.

  6. Melissa Says:

    For me, it’s a always “A Few Good Men.”

  7. Michelle Says:

    Hey, I #*&%ing OWN Desperately Seeking Susan, so back off! 🙂 For me it’s “40 Yr. Old Virgin” which seems to be on permanent HBO rotation, “13 Going on 30” because I find Jennifer Garner completely irresistable in that movie plus hello, Mark Ruffalo! But for embarrassing? Any “Will Smith saves the world” movie: “Independence Day,” “Men in Black,” “I, Robot”…I can’t help it. They totally suck me in.

  8. Vickie Says:

    I watch Mr. & Mrs. Smith everytime it is on too. I just watched it again on Tuesday. I should just buy the DVD.

  9. Sara Says:

    For me it is Dazed and Confused. I swear I’ve caught it on tv eleventy million times… and no matter where it is in the movie, I’m sucked in until the end!

  10. Lolly Says:

    Everything is Illuminated is one of the most amazing movies I have ever seen… I adore it. I have seen it a number of times too. Brilliant, and quotable 🙂

  11. Steph VW Says:

    Ha! My must-watch movies are waaaaay more shameful:

    “Clash of the Titans”, “Beastmaster” and “Willow”.

    Yup – men with swords and horses battling with gods and wizards. Good times. When I lived with my parents, these three were always played back to back on TBS. We don’t have cable now, so my husband bought Willow for me this year. Now I just need to find copies of the other two.

  12. dani Says:

    Oh, my list of movies that fall into this category is long and shameful. I’m totally with Michelle when it comes to Will Smith movies, especially Independence Day and Men in Black. Dirty Dancing, Top Gun, anything John Hughes, the ‘new’ Parent Trap (Dennis Quaid…mmmm), Twister…the list goes on!

  13. maryse Says:

    my suck in movies are of another generation … but then again, so am i. but it doesn’t matter how many times i’ve seen them.

    animal house (yes, animal house)
    when harry met sally
    a few good men (demi moore and tom cruise’s best performances ever)
    fame — it’s never one but if it were, i’d be a sucker for it.
    oh and one last one — excalibur

  14. Wannabe Says:

    I’m like that with The Italian Job (hubba hubba Mark Walhberg), Sound of Music and anything with Audrey Hepburn.

  15. wendee Says:

    Dirty Dancing!! If this happens to be on when I’m channel surfing I always stop. “Nobody puts Baby in the corner!”
    Urban Cowboy – this was on Showtime when I was a kid (back when they only had a few movies they would play a gazillion times.) My mom had the soundtrack and I still know all the words to the “Devil Went Down to Georgia.” I love it when it pops up on CMT or TBS!

    Anything John Hughes, John Cusak, Robert Downey Jr. or 80’s “brat pack”.

    This one I don’t consider embarrassing – I’ve seen Beautiful Girls at least a couple a dozen times. I pop in the old VHS at least once a year to get my long-haired Timothy Hutton fix.

  16. Sonja Says:

    “A League of Their Own.” And I cry every time at the end when they go to the reunion. Every time.

  17. Skylar Says:

    While I have yet to see “Everything is Illuminated,” it’s definitely on my list. As for “Mr & Mrs Smith,” I cannot and will not get tired of watching that movie. It’s hot…smoking hot. It makes me want to do big girl things to Mr Wonderful. And Brad Pitt. Another movie I can watch over and over again is “Mean Girls.” LiLo back in a time when she was still cute and kinda innocent.

  18. Sarah Says:

    Mine are

    Wedding Singer
    Steel Magnolias
    Pelican Brief
    Clear and Present Danger

    How’s that for all over the map?

  19. Elspeth Says:

    Oh, the shame? Jess, I loved Everything Is Illuminated so much I ran out and bought both of Jonathan Safran Foer’s books. And his wife’s. They were excellent! (and as a side note, since I seem to not have your email, I got my Ravelry invite and wow! it’s amazing! goooo you two!)

  20. carolyn Says:

    i could watch Mr&Mrs every single night and never get bored. Who’s your daddy now?!?!?!

  21. christine Says:

    ” JessZ Says:
    June 14th, 2007 at 12:01 am

    That’s not sad. Sad is watching Desperately Seeking Susan every time you come across it. Not that I would do that but, uh, if someone did it would be sad.”

    ooh balls color me sad because i will actually cancel plans if i stumble across Desperately Seeking Susan on cable. 😀

  22. Dorothy B Says:

    I love Willow (Val, call me!). Also, Arsenic and Old Lace. Cracks me up every single time. Cary Grant in his youth, yummy!

  23. mamie Says:

    love em both. my favorite in the first is the ‘seeing eye bitch’ shirt on the dog. such a touching movie in the end.

  24. CJ Says:

    Mine are Jaws, Jaws2 and Steel Magnolias. I wonder what is behind the “must watch every time” phenomenon?

  25. maurene Says:

    wendee! beautiful girls is my most favoritest movie of all time. yesterday they were playing it at the gym and i almost, ALMOST, stayed on the elliptical for longer than my requisite 5 seconds. but you know, even timothy hutton can’t make me ellipticalize for more than 3 miles.

    mine are: beautiful girls, stepmom (the shame! the crying!), sound of music, breakfast at tiffany’s, my father the hero, and…one fine day. yes, it’s true.

  26. Stacey Says:

    I still have yet to see Everything is Illuminated. I think it’s on our Netflix List though. Someone up there had almost the exact same list as mine though…Rockstar, When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle…although I’d have to add You’ve Got Mail.

  27. Yvonne Says:

    STAYIN’ ALIVE – It’s like a train wreck…Must Look.

  28. Sarah Says:

    I LOVE “Everything is Illuminated”! It’s so quirky and so interesting to watch. I will also always think of it with warm and fuzzy knitting memories — I was watching it the first time I ever tried two-color/stranded knitting!

  29. Jen L Says:

    Ahh, yes… Sammy Davis Junior Junior. The seeing-eye bitch. Premium!

    My guilty pleasure must-watch is Pretty Woman. More recently, though it has been 40-Year Old Virgin, Grandma’s Boy, and You Me & Dupree.

    It’s definitely okay to have such guilty pleasures. No harm, no foul! Watch on, girl!

  30. Catherine Says:

    Have you read the book of Everything is Illuminated? Truly amazing. The movie does it justice, but has a completely different feel.