Ravelry Sneak Peek

June 5th, 2007

Casey put up some info and screenshots on the site so that people who are waiting can take a look at what the site is really all about! (Just in case you missed seeing it on the Ravelry blog.)

Go here to see it.

(I will post about other things besides Ravelry, I promise. snooore.)


19 Responses to “Ravelry Sneak Peek”

  1. Lucinda Says:

    The previews are great! By the way, you & I appear to share a birthday, if that screenshot is to be believed. 😉

    At least some of us can handle being patient about waiting for our invites. I’ve been making sure my Flickr is up to date & organized, which should help me along later. (I work in IT myself, so I understand all about scaleability issues & such.)

    Lucinda/Tales of Yarn http://tales-of-yarn.blogspot.com/

  2. Jeanne B. Says:

    OMG. I can’t wait to get on this. I’m probably person 4,271 on the list. *sigh* The screenshots are so enticing! The Spinner/Dyer page, the needle inventory, and the yarn page will come in handy!

    I’m patient, too… as long as you don’t mind a little drool on the monitor. 🙂 You’ve come up with a wonderful concept.

  3. Jan Says:

    Holy Cow! My heart is pounding after viewing those pages. Am waiting with anticpation for my invite.

  4. maurene Says:

    I can’t believe Casey had to write that. People are so infuriating. You don’t OWE them anything, so they need to keep their damn pants on. You just let me know when you need some crowd control and you know the Bitch will be there to help regulate.

    Love your friend, Maurene.

    P.S. Send Bob hugs and kisses.

  5. Skylar Says:

    Jess and Casey,
    Thank you guys so very much for doing all of this. I know there has been some nasty-ness out there, but I hope there has been a million times more love to make up for it. You both have made a shitload of knitters way, way too happy (and organized.)! Much knitterly love! Too Bob too!

  6. Candy Says:

    I’m just . . . speechless. I will wait as long as necessary to have the privilege to play in this yarn amusement park you guys are creating. Well done.

  7. Vicki Says:

    Just put myself on the wait list. I promise to be patient and not give you a hard time.

  8. Cassie Says:

    Thanks you so much for posting the screenshots! Now I have a new thing to click on and drool over. It’s definitely enough to hold me over until I get to come in and play too! You are both doing wonderful work and we all really, really appreciate it. Even those of us who clearly need to pick up our knitting needles and relax a little!

  9. Kristin Says:

    Wow! That was so great! Such a wonderful, innovative idea – you should be proud for sure. I am eagerly (but patiently) awaiting my invite.

  10. JessZ Says:

    Having just read Casey’s post I’m reminded of the Simpson’s episode where Moe gets a deep-fryer that “can flash-fry a buffalo in 40 seconds” and Homer responds “But I want it now”. People will whine about anything. Now I’m going to close that window and not look at the other screen shots so that I can remain at peace with waiting my turn 🙂

  11. Teri S. Says:

    I got the invitation yesterday and have been poking around the site today. Great job! It’s very cool. I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me, putting in all my projects and stash and needles. What fun! Thanks so much to you and Casey for coming up with Ravelry.

  12. Michelle Says:

    Thanks for posting those screenshots. It’s great to see the wonderful inside of Ravelry. Just curious (and I hope that you don’t take this suggestion the wrong way) however can people import from Excel into Ravelry. I saw that there is a feature for exporting. However as a complete nut, I already have my stash in an Excel file. Just curious…

  13. Kate Lathrop Says:

    Thank you for the screenshots! I’ve been patiently waiting for my invitation and using the wait time to FINALLY organize, photograph and list out my stash (gadzooks I have a lot of sock yarn!) and needles, as work on my FO pics and list. Having this website will be a great way for me to keep up with the ‘housekeeping’ details and remind me to keep my notes on FOs (since I give so many away), any changes, etc.

    Thanks for putting together this great website and I can’t wait to be a part of it!

    And boo hiss to the people who feel it’s not going along fast enough! You’re doing us a wonderful service and it will be well worth the wait.

  14. Tana Says:

    Wow and super wow about Ravelry. I love it. I got my invite and created my login and name and then I didn’t do much with it for a while. Then I felt guilty because I realized people were actually waiting to get on, so I started playing around on it and I love it. What you and Casey have done is fabulous and wonderful. I can’t believe people would actually complain about something so fabulous and FREE!!! Geez. Anyway, you guys are great and I’m giving you a shout out.

  15. Ronni Says:


    I’m sorry to hear you’ve been having people unhappy with the wait. I too have enough IT time to know it takes how long it takes. And too many is worse than too few when you’re trying to test something. For what it’s worth, Wendy (Wendyknits Wendy that is) mentioned a donation button but apparently that is on an inside page? I’d be happy to donate before you’re ready for me. I think it’s a great idea and one that should be supported even if I didn’t ever join up. I may be alone – maybe not. So anyway, let me know how to donate if you like, or maybe try putting a link up on the main pre-login page? And um, this is embarrassing but I couldn’t remember for sure if I had signed up to be notified when you were ready earlier on or not so I signed up today because it does look great (the screenshots look fantastic) – possibly that means you have two entries for me – so maybe it is microscopically less terrifying a number of people still wanting in? And sorry about that if I did indeed do it.

  16. pooterp Says:

    I am very excited about raverly…but like many things in life…the waiting is the hardest part ( wasn’t that a song). Thank you in advanced for what you are doing for the knitting and fiber community…pp

  17. pooterp Says:

    I am very excited about raverly…but like many things in life…the waiting is the hardest part ( wasn’t that a song). Thank you in advance for what you are doing for the knitting and fiber community…pp

  18. The Crafty Woman Says:

    So I’ve seen other people post a question or two about how putting all of our stuff in flikr will make our ravelry set-up easier when we get invited.

    Being that I got my first computer in college, and have to ask 12 year olds for help getting through video games, could please email me or do a blog post about what way we should start organizing flikr, and what stuff there will be pictures of, etc. Should I be documenting my yarn stash in pictures? If so I will have to wait until the boy is out of the house so I can take things out of their respective hiding places so I don’t have to endure that look. You know the one…

    Just, please, a little help with what we should be photographing, and how we should be organizing it for maximum efficiency.

  19. hege Says:

    Hi Jess and Casey, I just wanted to congratulate you on your great success! Ravelry is a huge hit! You guys did a fantastic job, both the interface and functionality is awesome! 🙂