Waiting for a Ravelry invite?

June 4th, 2007

Casey wrote up a little page for you guys.

Please read it.

It is now linked on the front page of Ravelry.

Thank you so much. This is certainly a great learning experience. πŸ™‚

(Please – don’t make too much of a fuss over this. We don’t want to start any trouble- just want to try and communicate with the people who are patiently waiting to get in.)


53 Responses to “Waiting for a Ravelry invite?”

  1. Mama-E Says:

    Keep up the good work guys. I am so sorry that you are feeling this pressure. You are doing a great thing!

  2. Chelsey Says:


    You and Casey shouldn’t worry about what stupid, impatient people are saying. What matters is that you guys are happy with your work, that you are healthy, the site runs as well as it can and that those who want to will get invited eventually. If they can’t wait, that’s their problem and do we really want that attitude around anyway?

    I really love what you guys are doing here and am so willing to be patient!

  3. Jen Says:

    I am so sorry that you’ve been getting so much pressure and grief from people who don’t understand that wait lists sometimes include WAITING. From those of us on the wait list who *do* understand how much work is going into what you’re doing, thank you so much. This seems like a real labor of love, and everything you’re doing behind the scenes is greatly appreciated.

  4. Stacie Says:

    Thank you both for everything! I love Ravelry!! Keep up the great work!! The new library feature rocks!! Hugs to you both πŸ™‚

  5. Wavery Says:

    Look, at this point I’d give half my stash for an invite, okay, at least a high quality bin, but I’d pay solid money to have come up with this idea on my own. Do this however you need to do it, you are providing a great service to the die hard community of knitters and I really think you’re going to get paid back in spades.

    Hang tough.

    “Seize opportunity by the beard, for it is bald behind.”

    Go baby go!

  6. Knotty Daisy Says:

    I just wanted to encourage you that it’s always the small minority that ruins good feelings. The complainers always yell louder and get more of our emotional attention, don’t they? I’ve found this with my own web development work. Keep your chins up. You are doing great work!

  7. Emilee Says:

    That post made me sad too. I’m so sorry that you guys are getting negative feedback for something so wonderful. I guess people are so excited about it they’re forgetting themselves a bit.

    Keep up the good work! I really appreciate it.

  8. Bee Says:

    Aww. That made me kinda sad. You guys are both so awesome and very patient to put up with the anonymous griping. I am sorry to hear about the negativity and the misunderstanding going on. The fact that it is only two of you who are doing all this work blows my mind (along of course, with the help of the beta testers), I bet it’s keeping you both up at night. I just wanted to say thank you for creating something that sounds amazing, even revolutionary. I am on the wait list myself and patiently waiting and appreciating both your hard work. Hang in there!

  9. Diane Says:

    Hi Jess,
    Thank you very much for the ravelry button at the Yarn Harlot event at Web’s. I am the new blogger that shared my address card with you. I love the concept of what you are trying to do & wish you the best of luck. Although it will take time, great things usually do! Going to jump on the wait list.
    Enjoy your summer knitting,

  10. Christie Says:

    Sorry about the bad e-mails from people…what a bummer! I hope it doesn’t overshadow the coolness and good, no excellent feedback that the majority of the people have given. You guys are doing the best you can! There are only 24 hours to everyday!

  11. pixie Says:

    Okay I just FINALY used my invite (I’m awful I know, but you said it didnt work in safari and thats what I use so tonight i tried it on a whim) and OMG how kick a55 is this website?? When I was on google I looked for hedghehog and DIY Suede Bootie photos, I found some yeah but not much. I added those two projects into ravely and found so many great photos!! This is a really wonderful website! I am so impressed! I knew it waqs a good idea to begin with but you two executed on it so well!! Only thing not working for me in safari so far is adding notes to a project.

  12. Will Blog For Yarn » Raverly Says:

    […] Jess has a post up linking to this page Casey wrote up. If you have yet to recieve your invitation please read. […]

  13. maryse Says:

    oh guys, i’m sorry you’re getting nasty mail. you’re doing a great job!

    although i’m waiting for when i can add my fiber stash. *cough*

  14. penny Says:

    You both ROCK.

  15. susie Says:

    People are just too excited for their own good – don’t worry about the naysayers, just do what you need to do. remember i’ts your website – you’re creating a service for us, and I am very appreciative. Can’t wait (but I will)!!

  16. Lisa Says:

    Jess– I’m sorry to hear that there are a couple of people out there that are bringing this experience down for you. That makes me sad too. You guys are working your fannies off and we all appreciate everything you’re doing to bring the knitting community even closer together. Don’t let a couple of people rain on your parade… chin up!

  17. Jan Says:

    Shame on whomever wrote you a nastygram. Thanks for all you are doing!

  18. mel Says:

    Jess, I am sorry to hear that there has been some negativity out there, definitely undeserved. The only good thing about it is that it means that your creation has generated such a positive buzz that people are irritated that they can’t get in right away. Unfortunately it’s not a very productive manner to express impatience.

    THANK YOU, (and please thanks to Casey too!!) for all that you’ve done with this amazing site – honestly, I don’t want to say that I underestimated you both (I don’t know you) but I have been incredibly and so pleasantly surprised with the site AND with it’s continuous progress. I was so looking forward to it from the little bit that I had heard, and it is WAY cooler than my little brain dreamed it would be – you guys took an amazing idea, great input, and just ran away with it all! I’m in awe and I can’t even begin to understand the amount of time and effort you have put in (My husband keeps trying to tell me, he is more versed in web design, and he is incredibly impressed as well!!) Anyway, very long-winded way of saying THANK YOU so much for creating such a awesome tool/community and letting us be a part of it’s growth, KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK, and GO RAVELRY (GO CASEY & JESS)!

  19. elisa Says:

    It speaks well of the both of you that you want so badly for people to be happy, but please, you guys, remember that a few impatient and inconsiderate people should not, in any way, overshadow the tremendous, overwhelmingly positive feedback that you’ve gotten and will continue to get due to all the hard, hard work you’ve both put into making Ravelry a success.

  20. Sandra Says:

    i’m so sorry to hear that you’re going through so much stress over the invites. πŸ™ i personally think you guys made it more than clear that EVERYONE is going to get onto Ravelry asap. i know from helping you administers the patterns that there is A LOT of stuff to weed through. And the patterns are even the half of it!

    you and casey are the awesomest. don’tcha forget it! keep up the fantabulous work!!!

  21. carrie m Says:

    jess, i can’t believe you are getting such negative feedback (especially since you had a death in the family.) i think you’ve done everything that you could, and you’ve provided a real resource to knitters. hugs!

  22. Steph VW Says:

    Man, I thought all knitters were nice!

    Where is that person? I’m gonna go all Miss St. George, NB on their ass. (Casey may shudder at the thought of this.) Heh heh. Kidding, I’m just kidding.

  23. Stacey Says:

    I spent years in the restaurant business….waiting tables, bartending, cooking and managing. Whenever I had a server come up to me freaking out about a riled customer I used to tell them, “take a deep breath, and remember… it’s only their @#$*% dinner.” Crass maybe, but it sure puts things in perspective. I look forward to Ravelry’s unveiling (while unraveling is an obvious play on words, it somehow seems innappropriate). Keep on trucking guys.

  24. Lolly Says:

    I think that the previews were a great idea – people will see how great it is. And good things are worth waiting for πŸ™‚ You two have created a wonderful thing! xo

  25. JulieFrick Says:

    You are handling this with remarkable patience. In my opinion, which sometimes isn’t so humble, I think you should honor the frustration without honoring the rude and out of line behavior of the sender of that email. What entitlement. This is a remarkable service, one you’re opening to everyone at a reasonable rate, considering the parameters, not the least of which is your own personal and professional lives. Such whining deserves no answer, and you’re bigger than I am for giving one.

    Heads down, power through! We LOVE you guys!

  26. domesticat Says:

    you guys are amazing. has it really been just the two of you building this app? i’m totally like, wow. and i’ve only seen screenshots so far.

  27. turtlegirl76 Says:

    By the looks of the fantastic screen shots that were put up, it will be well worth the wait. I would totally pay a yearly subscription fee for a service like Ravelry!

  28. Karin (not Nancy:)) Says:

    Hi Jessica, you and me talked on that bench across from the Calvin in Northampton that day. Thanks for introducing yourself. I can’t wait (no, no, I CAN wait!) for Ravelry to go live for real.
    I can’t believe you lost the sock I met only hours before! Thank goodness for the great people at WEBS.
    All the Best in all your endeavours.

    Karin (not Nancy:))

  29. Tina Says:

    I am sorry to hear that you are having so much trouble with complainers. I am one of the ones on the very long list still to be invited to the fun, but I understand that these things take time. I am very thankful that you are not stopping at 1000 testers that you had original wanted but continuing to invite people to join each day.

    For those people who were lucky enough to have already been given an invitation, they should understand that the site is still in beta testing and they are there to help work out the bugs, not to complain about every little thing that doesnÒ€ℒt work the way they expected. DonÒ€ℒt they know what a BETA TESTER is???

    If all they can do is complain rather than provide positive feedback then maybe they should have waited until the Beta Testing was over to join.

    I hope you and Casey donÒ€ℒt throw in the towel based on a few bad apples. Obviously there are thousands of us out there that really want to join the fun on Ravelry and it would be really sad if you lose your desire for the project based on the few.

    Thank you so much for putting your blood, sweat and tears into making Ravelry a reality.

  30. Wannabe Says:

    Mean people suck. There I said it. Don’t let this get you down. Do what you have to do girl. You and Casey rock.

  31. Nonnahs Says:

    How disheartening! πŸ™ Please try not to get you TOO down, however. You and Casey are doing a kick ass job with the site, and we know you are constantly trying to improve on it even further. If certain people are too selfish and inconsiderate to realize that, well, that’s their problem. Take your time and do what you need to do…and keep up the great work!

  32. roxy Says:

    Hey ladies, you totally rock. Definitely shame on those who sent nasty emails… as I said in another forum/community about how wonderful your website is and how sad to be getting berated for something out of your control:

    “…OMG do people have that little going on in life that they feel the need to scourge a free service?…”

    Those bad apples really have ridiculous entitlement issues. I can’t imagine what they were doing if they tried to sign up for Blue Moon’s Rockin’ Socks Club.

  33. Natalie Says:

    While I have dreamt (a few times) of a Ravelry invite, I know that you and Casey-the-wonderboy are doing your best to get this up and running. In the meantime, poohpooh to those who are ruining the awesomeness that is this website. The Karma police will send moths to their stashes. Or something like that. Good luck with getting it all up and running!

  34. lomester Says:

    I am with Steph W. I thought we were all nice. Just want to echo the sentiment that you both completely rock for providing this awesome site to us. Too bad people are so impatient!

  35. wendee Says:

    First, I’m loving the Ravelry site. It’s a truly remarkable and brilliant idea and execution. I mentioned it to my knitting group last weekend and there were lots of groans about “oh how I wish I would have known earlier” and “sigh, I’m waiting”. Now, I don’t want this to sound negative – this was all positive hype. They can’t wait!

    I have to point out that we live in Seattle and many folks are only one or two degrees away from a software developer or some other type of company that does beta testing, so we pretty much understand how this works in terms of time in testing. So despite any negative comments you get, rest assured there are many, many more eager participants who are patiently waiting, supporting you and are looking forward to diving into this awesome website!

  36. ck Says:

    I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been getting grief for this! Totally unfair with all the hard work you’re putting in to it. Wishing you the best and patiently waiting for my invite πŸ™‚

  37. Terra Says:

    Some others have voiced this sentiment, but it bears repeating: Mean people DO suck. Big time. To the negative nellies: “What is your issue? I mean, really, manners, people. Jess and Casey have been busting their arses to put together an awesome FREE SITE THAT WILL BENEFIT ALL KNITTERDOM. OK? Relax. It will happen. Give them time, and cut them some slack”

    Perhaps the mean people could come clean your house, cook for you or work at your day-jobs or even volunteer to help you reply to emails etc while you get some sleep or shower or something.

    Phew. I don’t rant much on the internet. That felt good.

  38. Jennifer Says:

    I’m sorry you’re having these problems. Obviously, your idea is a wonderful one and has been embraced by so many! I’m sorry some people have no patience or apparently, common courtesy. Keep up the good work, and know that in all the blog posts I’ve read about Ravelry, I’ve never seen a negative thing, only glowing posts about you and what you’re both trying to do for knitters!

  39. Erika Says:

    You guys are doing a great job. I’m even more excited seeing the screen shots.

    Since I do software quality assurance for a living, I’d much prefer to wait and have it working.

    My condolences on the loss in your family.

  40. sparkle j Says:

    Hi there, found my way from the Yarn Harlot. Ravelry sounds like it’s going to be awesome! Looking forward to when it opens up to everyone. Thanks for your hard work!

  41. Suzanne Says:

    Count me among the people who were eagerly awaiting an invite and went nuts as soon as they got it. The site is incredible and such a good idea! It stinks when a couple of negative people bring things down. Kudos to both of you for all of your hard work and creativity!

  42. Kyra Says:

    Makes me wince to hear that folks are being impatient and demanding with you…I hope that it will not discourage you. I’m on the list, and patiently waiting….I have a friend who is already using Ravelry and from what I’ve seen, it’s the next best thing since sliced bread.

  43. Amanda Says:

    Don’t worry about the complainers. You are doing a wonderful thing. I am super excited about the site and I’m spending my time organizing my flickr account so that I’ll be ready when my invite arrives πŸ™‚

  44. Krista Says:

    I agree that it helps no one to be rude about not having gotten an invite to ravelry yet, and I totally understand the need to take things slow, etc. However, I just want to say that it is frustrating to be someone who has not yet been able to join and to see all the blogs and posts going, “ooh, ooh, isn’t ravelry awesome! I saw this! and this!…” and to not be able to participate. Now, this is not the end of my world, I have signed up and will wait patiently, nor am I complaining. All I’m saying is that people who have already gotten into Ravelry: please have some sensitivity towards those who haven’t and understand our frustration.

  45. Alice Says:

    i think there are so many people out there who are grateful for your work, and you should be proud despite your critics. you cant please everyone (at least not all at once!). those who have not yet received invites and who are anxiously waiting their chance need to be thankful for the opportunity to use such a great stroke-of-genius site to CREATE and NURTURE a community! well done, you two.

  46. Rossana Says:

    Hi, Jess and Casey! Thanks so much for gestating this beautiful creation, Ravelry! I appreciate all the time, love, energy and financial resources you’ve poured into this amazing site of technical and fun genius! xoxoxox

  47. heather Says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for doing such a great thing for the fiber community! Sorry you’re getting grief for doing such a great thing. I received my invite today and I’m VERY pleased.

    Thanks & keep up the good work! πŸ™‚

  48. schrodinger Says:

    I know it’s hard to ignore the nasty voice of the few – but I hope that you will see that there are a great many more people very greatful, thrilled and totally impressed with Raverly. And I’m very sure that most people understand the need to prevent the site from completely exploding πŸ™‚ Again, we’re here if you want/need help.

  49. leslie Says:

    Hi there, i’m not much of a blog commenter usually, but i wanted to tell you that i appreciate the scope and magnitude of the project and how hard you have worked on it. the sneak peek is very fun! My name in the queue and i look forward ravelry official unveiling…all the best, leslie

  50. Heather Says:

    Thank you so much for all the work being put in to this. The preview pictures are amazing, and I’m sure it will be worth the wait. People need to realize that there are in fact humans behind this, having lives and trying to do good things for all of us out here. Looking forward to my invite, with absolutely no pressure!

  51. biglug Says:

    I can’t believe you guys were getting grief from people. That stinks and makes me feel bad that I haven’t used my beta tester status more! Anyway – I think you guys are doing a great job – look at all these encouraging comments!

  52. R Says:

    Just wanted to say thank you for the update post! I know it came out of a frustrating situation, but I had heard about Ravelry from another site, and wasn’t aware of yours until today, and so had missed any information posted here. Glad to know that an invite is indeed still coming to me sometime in the future, and I’m looking forward to using the site. I’m sorry to hear that people have been giving you a hard time, but am happy to have the information.

  53. jackie hines Says:

    Hello everyone,
    Thanx for this wonderful site. I’ve been trying to join since forever and I have had and am having some serious trouble. Please don’t mistake this for a complaint and then come after me. This is simply a statement of fact. I have friends who are members and I envy them that. I keep trying and keep waiting with no luck at all. I have been trying for close to a year now……and that is not an exaggeration. I will continue to try to join this exceptional community and look forward to the day that I am joined with my fellow knitters and crocheters in something so unique.

    Thank you for the opportunity. My quest continues.