High (on benadryl??)

April 10th, 2007

Ohmygosh. I am totally wasted on benadryl over here. Has anyone else had this problem?

I accidently ate some pine nuts tonight with my dinner and apparently really am allergic to them.

Despite the allergy testing that I have had, I was not really sure until tonight if they were the cause of the allergic reactions that I have had in the past. They also said I was allergic to corn but I eat that all the time. CORN? Come on.

Now, though, I am totally convinced. I am allergic to pine nuts. A short time after eating a bit of the pesto-infested sandwich, I started having stomach problems and broke out into a rash (TMI?). So, I popped 4 chewable baby benadryls, following the directions on the package for adults, and now I feel like I am going to jump out of my skin. GAAAAAAAH. My eyeballs are totally vibrating inside my skull.

Allergic reactions seem to be a theme for me recently. I finished spinning the Autumn corriedale that I bought from Amy at Spa (pictures of roving here.) Over the past month, I have been spinning this wool and at the same time, noticed that my hands broke out in a red rash and started to peel, but I just chalked it up to my normal wintertime dry weather hand problem that I have pretty much every year. Then I started sneezing.

I cannot deceive myself any more. I am allergic to corriedale wool. (sob!)

I almost gave up spinning it several times but I just couldn’t- had to finish it. I am certainly done touching it now, that is for sure. So, I have no idea what I am going to do with this lovely wool that I spun up.

Img 1305 Img 1306
Kinda sad because it is only my second skein of handpun.

I am also TERRIFIED that I am going to be allergic to other wool types. Say a prayer for me. PLEASE NO.

Is anyone else allergic to certain types of wool and not others? Any ideas?


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  1. Mintyfresh Says:

    i have a friend who is allergic to corn, so it’s not unheard of and not impossible to live with. (Don’t forget that corn syrup is in everything!) Still, sounds as if pine nuts are really your culprit. Have you looked into acupuncture to potentially cure the allergies? I’ve heard it’s possible, and am seriously considering it. Let’s hope no other wool/fiber allergies crop up!

  2. jess Says:

    dyes and the stuff you prep and process dyed roving with can also cause an allergic reaction… so it might not be the corriedale, it may be the dyes — have you washed it since you finished spinning it? 🙂 it looks great!

    I’ll hope you’re not allergic to more wool in any case! be careful with the allergies!

  3. frecklegirl jess Says:

    I think the, “come on!” was more of a reaction to ME having a corn allergy than anyone having one. 😉

    I eat corn and corn products often. My allergist said that my digestive tract must be just passing it through my system and not breaking it down and if I were injected with corn that I would have a massive reaction. Nice. Will keep that in mind. haha

  4. Christie Says:

    I guess you’ll have to remember that the next time you consider shooting up some corn. Inject corn? Well, I hope it’s just the dyes [I’ve read somewhere else that someone was allergic to dyes] and not the wool. Maybe if you wash it you’ll be able to use it. I’ll keep the fingers crossed!

  5. teresa Says:

    Allergies can be mysterious and fickle things. I wouldn’t avoid a fiber based on one experience, just keep your fingers crossed and your senses alert to early signs.

  6. Dianna Says:

    I vote for you reacting to the dyes, or possibly to something in which the wool was processed, myself. You might cautiously try some undyed Corriedale….

  7. kate Says:

    I seem to be allergic to certain alpacas… but it could be the dyes or mordants. Lately, whenever I knit with a wool that is kind of scratchy, my finger splits open. It’s disgusting. I feel for you. I hope it’s just the dye.

  8. Andrea Says:

    I have the same problem with benadryl, mostly because I am a smaller sized person so I never take the full allowed dosage for adults.
    I also happen to be allergic to mohair. So I feel your pain, I recently had to give some away because I just can’t use it.
    Hope you feel better.

  9. Maya Says:

    that reaction to benadryll is exactly why I don’t take it. I get all drugged out.

    Ugh – allergies! I hope this is the end of new allergy discoveries for you…

  10. carrie m Says:

    i’m the same way with some meds — i have a super low tolerance for everything and get all loopy.
    i would say if you haven’t had a reaction to wool before, you must not be allergic to all of it. you would have realized by now, right?

  11. Sarah Says:

    Benadryl makes me sleeeeeeeeepy. I think the only reason it “works” for me is that it just makes me pass out. I’ve started taking some homeopathic stuff for my allergies and it works wonders.

    Maybe try some undyed Corriedale? Oh, and yeah, no mainlining corn, okay? 😉

  12. yuvee Says:

    Oh dear, I’m surprised you can still post after taking Benadryl!
    I used to be allergic to any metal that’s not expensive and alcohol, thank God I grow out of that. I used to get rash from fruit juice with 5% alchohol and silver accessories turn my skin green.
    Hope you’ll be fine.

  13. Moe Says:

    Ohno! Maybe it is the dyes. Let’s hope, because the handspun is beautiful.

    Yes, no injecting corn. Good advice.

    Benedryl makes me a little goony. My sister, however, is 4’10” and has a hard time with everything (ironic that she’s a pharmacist) – she often has to take the children’s dosage.

  14. Jackie Says:

    Oooooh, that sucks! I hope it’s just Corriedale (or better yet, maybe a detergent or something the wool is treated with?) instead of all wool, because you spin so beautifully – boy that would be a shame.

    And yeah, benadryl does have its own special sort of high – I avoid it at all costs, and well, any sort of strong pain killer for the same reason, I hate feeling all doozied out like that (and yet, have no problem downing untold amounts of Miller Lite at any given time. I don’t get it.)

    Feel better soon!

  15. Kate` Says:

    I’m allergic to Benadryl. It causes a problem when I have an allergic reaction to something.

    I would say wash the wool with your shampoo or conditioner and see if that makes it easier. I often have to re-wash certain wools in order to not get a rash. using my own shampoo/conditioner helps alot.

    Good luck b/c it’s very pretty wool…

  16. Kate Says:

    Benadryl makes me crazy in a “my body is melting into the couch kind of way” sometimes it’s enjoyable other times not so much.

    Sorry about the allergy issues, I hope it isn’t the dyes that Amy uses since her stuff is so pretty. If it is just a Corriedale allergy that is workable, better Corriedale than BFL or Merino right?!

    And what’s the deal with having so many comments from people named Kate… I thought I was your one and only Kate 🙂

  17. Veronique Says:

    Oh no! I can’t believe you might be allergic to wool! I hope it’s just the dyes… Your handspun looks so pretty 🙂

  18. sarah b. Says:

    Yeah, Benadryl just knocks me clean out. In fact, my doc yesterday recommended taking Benadryl to help me sleep, regardless of if I was having any allergy problems! 🙂 The yarn is really pretty! I’m sure someone will gladly knit it up for you, but I am sorry that you can’t benefit from it!

  19. Betsy Says:

    Am I your only Betsy?
    Jess I really think that it is un-natural for a knitter to be allergic to any sort of wool, I mean really, is this possible? I mean seriously, corn yea, ok we do not knit with corn, BUT MY GOSH WOOL! CRUEL CRUEL CRUEL….wait, maybe someone rubbed corn on your wool? Is Casey rubbing your wool???????

  20. Sara Says:

    Oh no, Jess!! I agree that you should try some undyed stuff and see if you react the same way. Have you noticed it with any other fibers you’ve used? I mean… you’ve knit for a long time so if you don’t notice it when you’re knitting, maybe it is just in the way this batch of yarn was processed and not the breed in general.

    I cannot take Benadryl… it makes me very very angry. My doctor told me that is my body’s way of reacting to the medication and that I shouldn’t take it unless absolutely necessary. It’s not good to take it and then in five minutes want to strangle everyone in arms’ reach!

  21. Lolly Says:

    Poor Jess! That is too bad about the pine nuts! (and the corn – wow, I hope you don’t start reacting to that allergy!) as for the Corriedale: you could spin it in a BioHazard suit 🙂 or with full-length gloves and a face mask… yeah, not quite the same.

    Feel better, girl!

  22. lomester Says:

    oh no!! allegies to any kind of yarn STINKS! My question is, how are you high on benadryl? I take one and am lethargic for at least 2 days after…

  23. Steph VW Says:

    Hmmm… Wired from Benadryl? I bet it’s something to do with the colouring agent in the chewable tabs.

    One of the girls in my knitting group is allergic to sheep but not to goats. She only recently discovered this and is celebrating by making Icarus out of Kid Silk Haze.

  24. Macoco Says:

    So your doctor says you shouldn’t inject yourself with corn? Weird, and to think I’ve injected myself with corn so many times without a problem. 😉

    Sorry about the pine nuts – that’s a real bummer. I don’t know what I’d do without pesto. It makes my dinnertime so much easier.

  25. Julia Says:

    Wow. I usually drop right after taking benadryl, sleeeepy! I agree with the you might be allergic to the dyes. Try washing that skein in something nice, any shampoo, or woolwash or something, and after it dries, see if you still break out. It is pretty though!

  26. Carrie Says:

    You’re handspun is absolutely lovely! And for only your second skein?! Wow! I hope that you aren’t allergic to wool. I had that probably when I first started spinning with my allergies and eyes would swell shut. But it got better. I’m still really allergic to angora though…so maybe it’ll just be corriedale or the dyes. I’ll cross my fingers for you! 🙂

  27. elisa Says:

    I’m telling you, no good can come from corn.

    I’d also suggest giving your corriedale a bath and then seeing if you still have an allergic reaction to it…if you are, then maybe you are allergic to corriedale – I know you’ve been able to spin up other stuff by Amy no problem, so it’s either the detergent/dyes or the fiber…

  28. Amy Boogie Says:

    oh no – vibrating eyeballs. That sucks!
    I hate allergies.

  29. emily jan Says:

    Yikes! I can totally relate. I seem to be mystery allery girl now too – i put up some pics of the scary scary Chinese herbs I had to turn into viscous tea for the mystery allergy I just had (rashes on the skin by my joints – very X-files) on my last Woolly Wumpus post…

    I also react to Benadryl weirdly, but for me, it KNOCKS ME OUT. COLD. For hours, with no remedy. I take it sometimes when I have to fly long distances…evidently last time I slept through an air hostess dropping an entire glass of water on my head. Go figure. ; ) ej

  30. molly! Says:

    That is so sad! Your handspun is gorgeous, what a bummer that you are allergic to it! I have a lot of strange allergies myself but haven’t actually discovered any fiber allergies just yet.

    When I had my allergy testing a few years ago I reacted to everything strongly, but they said that it only tested my the possibility of an allergy to those things–and that I could develop the allergy later on in life or maybe never at all. Could it be that you are just not allergic to corn yet? Does this make any sense? Now that I think about it maybe I need to see a different allergist…

    Either way I hope your allergy problems don’t get any worse. They are no fun. Hang in there!

  31. scout Says:

    NAET. I swear by it!

  32. Sarah Says:

    how you coming with the itches and the sniffles? better I hope!!!

  33. Tara Says:

    Oh, I am so sorry for your wool allergy! The yarn is beautiful – you did a great job. Here’s hoping it is only *this* variety of sheep/wool you react to.

  34. Anushka Says:

    I’ve heard that you can develop allergic reactions at any time. Perhaps that’s what happened with the wool. What kind of allergy treatment do you have? My mother & sister are terribly allergic to almost everything edible (apples, peaches, chocolate, nuts) and they have bio-resonance therapy, which actually works.

  35. Max's Mom Says:

    hi Jess –

    I have a few allergies, and have found that herbs definitely help me. They don’t work instantly, like benadryl, but are used in a preventive way. If you only wanted to take one herb, I’d suggest nettles – it has actually been lab tested and found to be effective. Freeze-dried caps or liquid tincture are best.

    If you want to know a good blend of herbs, I’d be happy to send you more info. Health food stores/herb stores will probably have good allergy blends too. Next time you’re in southern NH, you could stop by Misty Meadows on Wednesday Hill Road in Lee – I know their allergy blend is great. They have an online store too – http://www.mistymeadows.org

    To help defuse/prevent allergies, you can build up your immune system to help your body deal with allergens. You may want to read up a bit on what causes allergies. There’s a good web site at this address: http://www.healthsystem.virginia.edu/uvahealth/adult_allergy/system.cfmAc

    Acupuncture can be helpful too, as one of your readers suggested.

    FYI, this has been THE WORST season on record for allergy pollen. So your body may be more prone to allergies at this time, and once things settle down, may be fine. Herbs can help your body find a good balance. (can you tell I’m an herbalist?)

    Sending allergy-free prayers!

  36. Evans Nash Says:

    Around 1998 at age 58 I had a minor runny nose and bought benehist at Safeway. I understand that it is a over-the-counter generic form as Benedryl. I took a single pill and was not able to urinate for 24 hours. Over the intervening 8 years I have gotten progressively better and for all practical purposes have recovered although not the original state.

    I did not have any signs of prostate problems and the only signs that I have now is that my PSA scores have risen slowly up to 10.3. This is considered to be significant. However, information from the internet suggests that PSA is not very accurate and in fact may even have a reverse correlation with cancer detection as compared to not knowledge of prostate cancer.

    I do not know whether the PSA score is being affected by the results of the reaction, but I kind of suspect it. DRE tests do not show anything.

    I would warn all men to not take Benedryl. Also one should realize that it is used in other over-the-counter medicines that are commonly taken.

  37. Sarah Says:

    That’s so lame. The older I get, the more I think we develop allergies. I’ve been developing a milk sensitivity and my husband is getting weather-related allergies. Getting old sucks 🙂

  38. lisa Says:

    I have been struggling with insomnia for years. The only thing that really works for me is Benadryl. I tried every over the counter sleep aide on the market but nothing compared to benadryl. After about 1 hour I become very sleepy and stay asleep for at least 7 to 8 hours !!!!!

  39. Vickery Says:

    I love your beautiful yarn!
    (Dear Lord I hope to never develop a wool allergy!!)

  40. Jenn Says:

    For wool it varies for me depending on the prep and spin. Many mordants are ones I am sensitive to (so no dying with them for me :/ ), and same goes for some dyes. The prep of the fiber- oil in the spinning process and what was used to clean the fiber can really make me itch too, though I think for C it could also be the fiber itself of the Lanolin.

    Some fibers people tend to be more sensitive to- cut angora vs. plucked angora for example, and depending on how it is spun up (I can only wear small amounts of plucked angora spun worsted and blended with lots of wool in outerwear unless I want hives, a waste of angora imo)- woolen spinning tends to make a yarn more itchy than worsted spinning, as does a woolen prep instead of a worsted prep since the short fibers tend to fall out as you spin and make you itch.

    Short bits of mohair really, really tend to make people itch, for example. It gets *everywhere* when you spin it (and up your nose to boot), especially directly from locks. Working from a roving though helps both with short bits as you spin and if you spin it worsted, with the itchiness factor later as you are working with the yarn and then wearing it.

    What it does have going for it (just to continue the example: mohair doesn’t have as much lanolin as many other wools so it doesn’t always take as much washing and processing, so there is less chance to have allergic reaction to lanolin or the chemicals.

    Re: benadryl. O man yes, I can’t have it without a full stomach of food and a glass of water. Even then I’m not sure I would trust myself to drive for a good long time afterwards since I become a complete space case.

  41. Kris Says:

    I haven’t run across fibers I’m allergic to (yet), but I know that my hands get all red and splotchy at crawfish boils (yep, I’m from Louisiana, and no, I don’t suck the heads).

    I keep denying further allergies that would require me to stop eating them, though. I just wear latex gloves. So, I’m wondering if wool would be okay to knit, provided you had flexible gloves (and arm and leg coverage), and knit the wool into a gift…

    But I hope you’re not actually allergic, because that stuff is gorgeous…

  42. Eb Says:

    You know, I found out I had a corn allergy and occasionally break out in hives. I also have a Basil allergy…so the nuts might not be the culprit. Sorry. You should get an ELISA blood test. It’s saved my life.

  43. Sherri Says:

    Hi Frecklegirl!
    As a food/beauty product/coloring/dye/additave/wool allergy sufferer myself who goes into anaphylactic shock,I have some advice that may help you for how I have learned tomanager my allergies.I am 38 now and the allergies popped up when I was around 8 years old.
    If you are going to eat a strange food or use a new beauty product,rub a little of it on the inside crook of your elbow and then bend your arm together like you are making a muscle.Watch this area for redness burning and itching for about 15-20/30 min.
    My allergies take only 30 minutes to happen,and sooner or later you will beging to recognize when you have an attack coming on so use the timing you think is right here.After the time passes,if you don’t have a reaction,eat the food or use the beauty product.If you get any redness itching burning etc,go wash the stuff off immdiately! This allergy patch test is one I learned from experimenting with hair dye and has saved m butt may times.
    Always keep Benadryl handy if all else fails.But also if you get in a pinch and none is handy,take any antihistimine.An allergic reaction with hives occurs when the body dumps massive amounts of hystamine.By taking an antihystamine you can buy enough time to get to the hospital safely without your throat closing and cutting off your air supply.
    I am no doctor,but this is how I have learned to live with my deadly allergies.Also,the wool thing might just be a coloring allergy.
    I’m sorry to hear you have to live with this like I do.The good news is though,that you can “grow out” of allergies.Some of mine don’t show up as much as they used to when I was younger.
    Best of Luck to you, Honey.
    -Sherri 🙂

  44. silt Says:

    here is my story.. i was in the sun all day i got stung by a wasp after pulling 7 hours in direct sunlight doing landscaping.i met my spouse and took my 2 boys to the movie transformers it was one of those tag team things -no shower straight from work to the dutys of the boys and i had popped 4 benayadrl on the advice of a co-worker (just in case)- another co worker had been stung also and his face swelled up instantly to the point his eyes swelled shut. i am fair skinned blonde eyebrows and red haired (the firey kind) well anyways halfway through the movie i felt like i was about to leave my body ,i couldn’t concentrate i was off in another place i was thinking i may be having an anaphalatic reaction or sun stroke or something cuz those damn transformers were just too real and the plot line was just to intense and the next thing i know i’m on the phone wit my old lady to come rescue me cuz i dont want the boys to catch wind of whats up and if any one knows what this high is like u’ll understand. so i says meet me at the doors cuz i dont think i can walk and never have taking this stuff in my life i couldn’t make heads nor tails of what waz up. she took me home but had to go to work. i was like feeling like i was to scared to say anything but i was feeling almost like- with it- but not and rapid thinking etc.we chalked it up to heat stroke and the remedy was lotssa water. half hour later im on the phone wit my mom to come over cuz i was marbled and i wasnt sure of the real results from what i was feeling. i,ve been high before so i was so wondering why it felt like this and it scared me…. so kids first was what i thinking and safety etc..and she had to come and talk me down a little..along with my niece in tow which was embarrasing.(whats wrong with uncle) and long story short after a few phonecalls to some health links phone numbers i was high on benadryl ;–whtf..so beware redheads wit fair skin and first time users…this was nowhere near intentional..ps i am 170 with ripped abs,very muscular,completly physically fit- i do 10 -12 hours of hard work so its not like this factory of mine could’ndt process some shit..anyways i was on line looking it up to see if anyone else had this happen to them. oh yah after convincing the health links operator i hadn’t taken anything else etc. etc. i realized that i just may be high..apparently if ur not to careful u can get really messed up

  45. Jill Says:

    This skein looks so beautiful just as it is in the picture – you could just put it in a shadowbox and it would look like gorgeous, organic, abstract art!