Boston Independent Film Festival

March 21st, 2007

(Taking a quick break from my NYC posts)

Every year, Casey and I look forward to the film festival in Boston- this year it is taking place from April 25-30. In the past, I have gotten to see some great movies and I am sure this year will be no different.

Casey usually does most of the background work though, figuring out which movies we are interested in, looking on imdb, etc. This year, he decided he would make it easier on us and hopefully some other people by making a little website to put all of the info in once place.

So, the unofficial guide to the 2007 Boston Independent Film Festival was born. 🙂

If you near Boston and are planning to attend, give it a shot! The festival is really worth attending- and now it will be even easier to find the movies you want to see. The schedule and theater info is not out yet but Casey will update the site once it is available.

Just looking quickly brought me to these two movies:
Black-Sheep-Movie-Poster Fido-Movie-Poster

Zombie sheep- what else is there to say really? haha

And Fido looks cool too- Carrie-Ann Moss anyone? Yes, please. Plus, it is produced by Crochetme/ IC Kim’s friend… cool.

Okay, I just realized both of those are about zombies… There are other non-zombie movies at the festival. hah

Any help getting the word out about Casey’s IFF Boston site would be great- thanks, guys!


9 Responses to “Boston Independent Film Festival”

  1. Sara Says:

    Zombie sheep… LOVE it! And the tag line “get the flock out of here” made me laugh out loud.

  2. hege Says:

    Great! Thanks for sharing this, I should keep up more with what’s going on in Boston. Sometimes we need a little motivation to trek up there, and this sounds like great fun! 🙂

  3. Amy Boogie Says:

    I miss the Boston IFF. Not that Boston is that far away but it was way easier when I lived in the state.

    Did you see the trailer I posted a ways back about Black sheep? Funny, oh, I mean, scary.

  4. yuvee Says:

    ooh…zombie sheep! If only I’m not thousands of miles away from Boston 😉

  5. Moe Says:

    I can’t wait to see Fido when it makes its way to Halifax – I adore Carrie Ann Moss. And the whole premise is hilarious/thought provoking. Very cool.

  6. Michelle Says:

    I would be so stoked even if it were all zombie movies. Nothin’ wrong with zombies.

    Thanks for the b-day wishes, lady!

  7. Dorothy B Says:

    I have a few Boston readers, I’ll put it up Monday as a link of interest.

  8. rachel m Says:

    i saw fido at the toronto film fest last year (and then we saw it again when it was released here in canada last month). i whole heartedly recommend it!!

  9. Andrea Says:

    We went to Black Sheep, and it was great!! Then we went to the CT Sheep and Wool Fest the very next day.

    I guess it took Ravelry for me to find your blog. I’m in Boston too (well, Roslindale).