Frog happy.

January 30th, 2007

A little while ago, I cast on for the Corset Pullover from the Spring 2003 Interweave.


I think I was mostly in love with the neckline and the texture of the front panel- isn’t it cool?
It was even cooler in person. I love how you just put in a row of purl stitches and it makes it look like a grid, like magic!

Img 0614 Img 0612

I was knitting with Karabella Aurora 8 and to get gauge (post-blocking) I had to use size 4 needles instead of the size 8 that is called for in the patern. Ouch, huh? That is really how much Aurora 8 blooms once you get it wet. And yes, I checked it multiple times- I have never swatched so much for a project ever.

After knitting almost the entire front panel, I really had to be honest with myself. I was not really feeling the love for this sweater… Do I really wear anything like this top? Would it look good on me? I guess not. Even though I really wanted it to work, it just wasn’t.

So I frogged it. Makes me a little sad looking at that pretty panel but it just had to be done. Better to do it now than do the whole sweater and then decide that it wasn’t really “me.”

I feel a bit proud of myself about it… like I have come a long way as a knitter. Just because I am proud of the knitting that I did doesn’t mean that the garment is really going to work. I can knit something even better that I would actually wear, right?

So what will my next sweater be?

I could always go with Knitty’s new offering- Thermal by Laura Chau of cosmicpluto. (The stitch pattern is nearly identical- she doesn’t have you knit through the back loops on the knit stitches but it may make that sweater look even better.)

I am thinking maybe Rapunzel or the Mermaid Mesh.

Rapunzel2 Rapunzel-1


hmmmm…. Probably Rapunzel- looks like a challenge. 🙂


24 Responses to “Frog happy.”

  1. Christina Says:

    Congratulations on knowing that the project just wasn’t you. I have a bad habit of pushing things just to finish. Yours is a much better decision.

    I’ve been working on Rapunzel myself for awhile now. It’s actually a very enjoyable knit overall, not as difficult as I thought. The worst part is the seed stitch/intarsia sections. Not hard, but time consuming! Can’t wait to see what you pick.

  2. kat Says:

    Good on you girl!! I know it’s painful but it feels good when you know you’ve made the right decision! I like the knitty waffle sweater too, but am not sure whether I would knit it.

  3. moe Says:

    So hard to frog…but when you’re not feelin’ it, you’re not feelin’ it. Good for you. Both patterns are lovely – but I would see one getting more wear out of rapunzel (it does look challenging 🙂

  4. ann Says:

    good for you! it really is a big step forward when you can appreciate a garment yet realize you wouldn’t wear it.

  5. Maya Says:

    I added thermal to my pattern que yesterday! Why do I have this sudden resurgence of desire to knit everything I see precisely at the time when I have NO time?!?!

  6. maryse Says:

    i’m a little sad that the corset pullover is a no go because i’ve always loved it. but the other alternatives are great too.

  7. Sarah Says:

    Rapunzel has my vote. That is gorgeous! Yes, Sam and Bob do look so much a like. My Bob and I are thinking of getting another boston….not sure if that would be over load or not….but I would love another one.

  8. Kate Says:

    Rapunzel is so pretty and would look super-cute on you!
    Good for you to be a bossy knitter!

  9. gleek Says:

    i like the thermal. it’s really cute and perfect for the season. a word of warning on rapunzel, veronique made it and there were all types of problems with the pattern. i’ll never forget how many times she knit and frogged that thing!

    you might want to write her and ask her about it before you start 🙂

  10. Kirby Says:

    Oh, I know about frogging. I think I dedicated like 3 posts to it last year! Congrats on your decision. It’s hard to rip out destroy something you really had your sites set on. I bet your new sweater will turn out great! How could it not, that yarn is georgous!

  11. Betsy Says:

    Kate and I spoke of Thermal yesterday it would look very cute on you!! The other two are equally magnifico!!!

  12. Sarah Says:

    Any of those would turn out beautifully. That thermal sweater looks like something I would wear all winter long…yummy!

  13. Stacey Says:

    Ooh, I like Thermal. Kind of casual, yet not, because it’s handknit. Does that make sense?! 🙂

  14. everythingearin Says:

    You are wise though the pattern is very attractive. Yarn that expands is a problem. My somewhat cowl, done in silky merino from Sundara grew from a large to what looks like a 2X when I washed it. From a perfect fit to an unwearable, very expensive, hours of my time, green overcoat of a sweater. Perhaps washing the yarn before hand? Will someone please invent a function where your body can have the virtual sweater put on it so as to see about fit and suitability. Please?

  15. yuvee Says:

    That’s a wise decision, I once denied all my instict until all the pieces but the back are done to do that 😉
    I think Rapunzel is an excellent choice, very very pretty.

  16. Sarah Says:

    Rapunzel….ooooooh, gorgeous. I’m kinda in love with Thermal though, I saw it yesterday and thought it was so cute.

  17. allison Says:

    I love Rapunzel! I think it would look smashing on you, too. I can’t wait to see your progress on the Icarus Shawl, too. That was one of the patterns that caught my eye in that issue.
    Tell Bob I said Hi.

  18. Ava Says:

    Good for you! Knowing a garment isn’t going to work for you though you enjoy knitting it is a lesson many of us still have to learn.

    Rapunzel is beautiful. It would be my choice.

  19. Jessica Says:

    Oh that is hard… but now you can start something totally new, and that’s always fun! I say Rapunzel–you will look so pretty and elegant in it!

  20. carrie m Says:

    there is certainly a lot going on with that pattern. i’m not feeling the little latches and loops. and i think your three other choices are fab. i’ve always loved rapunzel …
    and thanks for your nice comments on glee!!!

  21. Lolly Says:

    That’s a big step, and a hard one to make. Good for you, girl! The new projects you have in mind are quite lovely! I think the Thermal is quite cute too… wonder how long I can stay away from it! 🙂

  22. JulieFrick Says:

    Ooh. Looks like you’re up for a challenge!

  23. Christie Says:

    Rapunzel is so pretty! I made Mermaid Mesh and although it was pretty straightforward, the stitch pattern was a challenge.

    Rapunzel is a very romantic sweater…

  24. melissa Says:

    wow! those are some tough choices! i’ve always wanted to knit Rapunzel, but never got around to it.