KMKS success!!

January 24th, 2007

Can finally post my first FO of the new year… my KMKS bag. The yarn is soysilk but the colors seemed better in the skein… hope Sarah liked it. The colors may be meh but the yarn is just fabulous.

I made up the pattern- did a log cabin rectangle on the bottom and then worked a twisted knit stitch at each of the joins and the corners.

Turned out pretty cute, I think. 🙂

Img 0484 Img 0502-2

I also got my own package in the mail!

Img 0550

Look at that haul, huh? I musta been a good girl this year. 🙂

My KMKS spoiler was Kelle and she did a great job on the bag, didn’t she? (fair-isle!) Thank you, Kelle! I was super excited to see the frog tree alpaca and the Soak wool wash. I want my handspun to smell nice and I am loving the floral one.

Love this swap idea, Scout and Bev… I have been having a good time looking at the bags everyone has made. Have you seen Dorothy’s? wowee!

Bob gets a little jealous when I photograph anyone but him… as I was taking the shot above, this is what I saw when I looked to the left. Yeah. (those bully sticks are just gross when they get chewing them…eeeew.)

Img 0519-4 Img 0555

Img 0512

Gawwwd, get out of the way.


15 Responses to “KMKS success!!”

  1. moe Says:

    I swear, I cannot get enough of Bob. His google eyes are the best.

    Nice haul (and very cute bag! Both of them). Your handspun is looking amazing btw…

  2. Steph VW Says:

    Oh my doodness! yes, I said it on purpose, “Doodness dracious… dere’s a puppy!”

    snorgle, snorgle, snorgle.

    Amazing bag, lady (heh, bag lady). You must have been very good – what great swap stuff!

  3. Sarah Says:

    I LOVE my bag….I’ve been looking at it trying to figure out how the heck you made it since it came. I actually like the colors, and it is just the right size for the socks I am finishing up before I start my Endpaper Mitts. Thank you again!

    Look at all your swap goodies! Fun!

  4. scout Says:

    Great kit!!!

  5. maryse Says:

    the bag is adorable. nice job.

  6. Sarah Says:

    Bag is great and Bob is just too darn cute! Took a picutre of my Sammy the other day and he has that same googley eyed look….

  7. Amy Boogie Says:

    Bob is the cutest. Those eyes! Those Eyes! I’d have to give him whatever he wanted if he looked at me that way.

    Great bag swap.

  8. maya Says:

    your bag turned out great!

  9. Betsy Says:

    Oh I simply love me some Bob!!!!!!!!!!
    the bag is very cute.

  10. Lolly Says:

    What a fabulous little bag! and I love the package you got too. Piecework is a really nice read – I just bought three back issues, and now I want to subscribe 😉

  11. Terra Says:

    You are one lucky girl, I would love to be part of a swap like this and am going to keep my eyes open for one! I love the design on the bag you received!

  12. carrie m Says:

    yeah, post as much of your puppy as you’d like. and your bag is so so cute!

  13. biglug Says:

    oh bob, you’re the cutest!!

  14. beverly Says:

    Love the bag you made, and what a cool kit you got! BTW, your pup? I could look at pictures of him all day!

  15. Shelley (Pink House) Says:

    You really do have the cutest dog EVER! Every time I look at your blog and see a photo of him, I have to call to my teenage son to take a look. We both want a Boston Terrier but the hub says “no more dogs”. Darn! Keep the Bob photos coming so we can enjoy him vacariously.