Interweave is Back, Baby!

January 23rd, 2007


I love pretty much every pattern in there. yaay!

(from what I can see from the leeeetle pictures)

Off to renew my subscription… wasn’t so sure I was going to for a little while there.

Thanks, Cosmicpluto!


6 Responses to “Interweave is Back, Baby!”

  1. Stacey Says:

    Man I want those entrelac socks…but I’m not so good at the entrelac. Randy still wants me to make him the Danica scarf from a few Knitty’s ago, but I just couldn’t wrap my head around it.

  2. maryse Says:

    it’s a great issue. what’s cool is that i’ve personally met several of the designers. i’ve been touched by greatness! 😉

  3. gleek Says:

    wow, i actually like a lot of these designs.. and it’s interesting to see that there’s a lot of bamboo in this issue, no? i feel like 20% of the projects call for some yarn with bamboo in it!

  4. maya Says:

    You’re so right – almost everything in it is fabulous! Also, they redesigned their cover. I’ll be curious to see if their masthead has changed at all with this issue…

  5. Terra Says:

    I just got my first issue ever in the mail, and was very happy with it. Okay I admit I got it as a free issue and wasn’t planning on subscribing, but they hooked me (I’m such a sucker) so now i have a subscription.

  6. Kelly Sue Says:

    Ah, well, that explains the entrelac on Eunny’s site way back when…