A finished object and some yarn…

January 9th, 2007

Over the holidays, I finally finished my other mermaid fingerless glove. I have been wearing them pretty much non-stop since I finished them… especially with this ridiculously mild winter we have been having here in Boston.

Img 0359-2

Have been very busy spinning- I finished the merino/ silk blend that Casey bought for me for Christmas, from Mind’s Eye. It took me a little to get used to it but I think I did okay for my first yarn.

I think there was about 4 oz in each bundle and he gave me two.

So this beautiful stuff…
Img 0369-1
became two bobbins of singles…
2Nd Bobbin-1 Img 0364-1

which became YARN. 🙂

Img 0409

It is not as shiny and luscious as it was in fiber form- little disappointed about that. I think it being a two ply made it a little shinier though… Now what can I make with it now? I don’t really know how much it is- I am guessing it is about 400 yards…

I have been using a few books to help me get even this far with spinning. I particularly like this one, Spinning Designer Yarns by Diane Varney. It tells you some basics but assumes that you know the basics about spinning.

I also have been using the second, Hands on Spinning, by Lee Raven. That one is particularly good for people just starting out. Has lots of information starting from the beginning- using drop spindles, etc. to getting your own wheel.

The third, Color in Spinning by Deb Menz, I just got in the mail yesterday. It looks like it will be very helpful when I start thinking more about plying different colors together and… eek! dyeing my own fiber. (You knew it was coming, didn’t you…) It is a huge book- I was surprised how detailed it is and it seems to have great pictures and diagrams.

Hope these recommendations come in handy to someone starting to learn to spin. I had to pick though a bunch on amazon before I found those three. I am sure there are others that are wonderful- I just like those in particular. 🙂


16 Responses to “A finished object and some yarn…”

  1. Kristi Says:

    Your yarn looks awesome! I like the Lee Raven book as well, I’ll have to check out the other one you mentioned …

  2. scout Says:


  3. Kate Says:

    Good Stuff!!
    Too funny… those are the exact same three books I own on spinning!

  4. maurene Says:

    i need to meet vicky! and see marshall/forbes clan of course 🙂

  5. Betsy Says:

    Lovely darling just lovely.

  6. maya Says:

    I love that blue so much…

  7. Dorothy B Says:

    Gorgeous stuff. I’ll have to bookmark those for later. Thanks for the tips on del.icio.us. by the way, I’ve been loving it every since.

  8. carrie m Says:

    your yarn is totally fab! it look so good that i want to eat it. a wheel is *such* a wonderful gift. and i loved your christmas photos. that dog, heis the cutest ever. i’ll stop gushing now.

  9. Lisa-Marie Says:

    Wow, that is so awesome that you spin your own yarn now! How fun!

  10. Elizabeth Says:

    Hey JESS! YOU ARE A WINNER!!!!! Come tell me what you want for a prize!

  11. Terra Says:

    Gorgeous mitts! I would wear them non stop as well. Congrats on your new addition (spinning wheel that is).

  12. Jackie Says:

    Is that the merino tencel from Mind’s Eye? It’s gorgeous, and your yarn really looks great – so even and balanced.

    I’d say no need to knit it up immediately – it’s fun to admire your hanks of handspun a little while before using them 😉

  13. Ava Says:

    Love your Mermaid fingerless gloves. How many skeins did you use?

  14. Faith Says:

    The yarn looks beautiful!

    Twisted Sister Sock Workbook is probably the most important in my spinning book collection (absoloutely no sweat dying, and even helpful when spinning with someone else’s dyed colorways), and Color In Spinning is second. Both highly recommended!

  15. Patricia Says:

    Your fingerless gloves look great! Would you tell me where I can find the pattern?

  16. Jeanette Roberts Says:

    Your fingerless gloves are the best I’ve ever seen!!First place in my book!!