December 19th, 2006

Img 0175-2

Bob, in front, with his girlfriend from next door. Casey got this picture as Bob streaked in front of the camera.

Dolly does whatever he does… like, for example, napping.

Img 0193-2

Her mommy must be patriotic. 😉


16 Responses to “Knuckleheads”

  1. Steph VW Says:

    Oh my gosh – Bob totally looks like he’s hamming it up for the camera. He would totally give you the peace sign if he had fingers.

    Bob’s a big man compared to the little lady – is she just smaller or is she younger?

  2. Kate Says:

    Damn Bob and Dolly are cute!
    Best couple ever 🙂

  3. thegirl Says:

    Just smaller! She is 3 months older than Bob. Bob is 16 lbs and Dolly is 9. 🙂

  4. Betsy Says:

    I thought Casey gave up those play DATES with the two of them!!!!!!

    so cute!!!!!!!!!!!

    how do I get my picture on here??????

  5. Moe Says:

    Those are the best. puppy. pictures. evah.

    Bob is definitely a ham – I love the crazy doggie grin.

  6. Adam Says:

    Awww, puppy love, how cute! Bob seems to be enjoying the company 😉

  7. allison Says:

    TOO CUTE! In the first pic Dolly seems to be giving him “the look.” You know, the look that says “You’re in big trouble mister for screwing up my modeling shot.”

  8. Stacey Says:

    That picture looks totally posed. How funny. Bob is the cutest!!!

  9. maurene Says:

    oh crap–i can’t handle the cuteness! walnut is sleeping in her self-made blanket alcove near my knee as I type this.

  10. maya Says:

    I miss Bob.

  11. Kat with a K Says:


  12. carrie m Says:

    i might just die of cuteness.

  13. Elizabeth Says:

    slayed by the cuteness– yet again!!

  14. nanna Says:

    So cute 🙂 Merry Christmas

  15. jessica~ Says:

    They are so cute. That first picture is great!

  16. may Says:

    oh my gosh! that first picture totally made my night!!! SO CUTE 😀