Belated wedding gift!

January 14th, 2006

Food processor!!! Sweet!

Yes, I apparently get excited about kitchen appliances. How the mighty fall. 😉

I had pretty much given up on those relatives, to be honest (since our wedding was in June). What a nice surprise!


oooohhh Just think of the guacamole I will make!


17 Responses to “Belated wedding gift!”

  1. Vicki Says:

    I’m a sucker for appliances. Mmm, quacamole. I’ve now got the blender, we can have a margarita/guacamole party 🙂

  2. allison Says:

    Wahoo!! I LOVE my Cuisinart food processor! It ROCKS!!! Have fun! 😛

  3. jessica~ Says:

    I love my processor! Especially when I have to slice up 10 potatoes [don’t ask!]. Enjoy!

  4. Beck Says:

    Hey I saw your work on the cherry blossom shawl. I just completed mine but I’m kind of freaking our because it looks more like a hat then a circle- I was wondering if you had a similar issue with yours or if I’m just lucky like that.

  5. kate Says:

    Oooh. Nice. Gotta love Cuisinart. I have one of those and I also have a cuisinart combination mini-prep/immersion blender/whipper thingy. Yes, I’m a sucker for kitchen appliances… and I’m delurking late.

  6. loody Says:

    mmmmm…can I bring the chips????

    miss you!!

  7. Carrie Says:

    Dude. Food processors are the BEST. Jacob makes yummyyummy salsa in ours!

  8. emmms Says:

    Belated delurk! Actually, I think I’m off by about a week. In any case, I lurk here occasionally. Hi.


  9. Stephanie VW Says:

    Nice. My inner June Clea*ver really wants one of those. I thought she would be satisfied with the blender, but when she got tipsy on blender drinks, she started talking about the processor and a Kitchen*Aid mixer. She’s such an appliance ‘ho.

  10. Kim P Says:

    Food processors are indispensable! The wedding etiquette for gifts is that the guest has one year from the date of the wedding to give the gift. Most people give the gift right away, but your relatvies are within the one year cut off. Enjoy the food processor!

  11. Lara Says:

    ooooh, I WANT ONE OF THOSE!!!! I’m sooo bad, I went to a wedding in October, and forgot the bring the card. Now it’s January, and I still havent sent it. BAD LARA.

  12. Maya Says:

    me so jealous.

  13. may Says:

    mmmmmm guacamoleeee


  14. Elinor Says:

    The late presents are the best because they are completely unexpected! enjoy!

  15. Anne Marie Says:

    Yeah, I’ve heard that you have a year to give the happy couple a gift after the wedding. But wow, not too many paople do it. It must cool to get a surprise like that.

  16. heather Says:

    I LOVE KITCHEN GADGETS>>>>WilliamsSonoma is like heaven for me…Pixie always tells me…10 minutes only mom!

    🙂 love that. I need a new one.

  17. Aerialplankton Says:

    Cuisinarts are the best. We make pizza dough in ours every couple weeks. So easy! Except for cleaning it after. Happy cooking!