Florida Trip

December 9th, 2005

This past weekend, my family met up in Florida for a visit with my Grampy and other family. It was really wonderful weather down there- 60s and 70s during the day and sunny. It was sure a shock to come home to the 20s and 30s- brr!

Our apartment is not heated very well at the moment- apparently the management company has not realized it is winter. It is kinda hard to type- I think I need to make myself some wrist warmers.

Anyway, the trip to Florida was nice… we were all staying with my grandfather who is on a very strict, self-imposed schedule so we all amused ourselves by watching him do the same thing a the same time every day. I hope I don’t get that way when I am old but I think it is comforting for him to have that schedule, especially since my grandmother is gone.

Whenever we get together with the family, Casey gets to make a bunch of drinks and sometimes he gets a bit carried away. (silly Casey)

Img 2915

Img 2914

Don’t know what Dad and I are trying to make with those two ingredients. hmmm…

We also squeezed in a little time to go to MGM and Epcot- my cousin got us a park pass for the day. Free- sweet!

Casey was the navigator- I don’t know why he is wearing my sunglasses….

Img 2923

My poor mom had a hard day- she had bad nasal allergies and a potential sinus infection so she got a nosebleed in the middle of a ride. She also spilled coffee on herself earlier in the day. I had to attack her with my favorite new thing, the Tide stain remover pen thing. We told her we weren’t embarrassed to be with her- not sure if she believed us. 😉

Img 2930

We had a very authentic British meal at a pub at Epcot. (haha) I also brought myself a sheep mug from the UK section. I couldn’t help it! Sheep! mug! I have been looking for one that is just the right size for my tea now that it is winter.

Img 2927-1

Casey and I went on the roller coaster and mom took our picture in front of the big guitar… she had the camera all crooked and we were laughing- she wanted to make sure that you could tell it was a guitar in the picture. Always thinkin’, those moms.

Img 2932

Finally, a picture of Casey, me and Grampy. That hat just cracks me up. Why is it that old men in my family all wear hats that are way too small? They just sorta perch there on the top of their heads. Maybe they have had the hat for a long time and their heads get bigger as they get older? (oh, and it was windy- that is why my hair looks like that… Liza Minelli, anyone?)

Img 2934-1

Unfortunately, it is not windy in this picture- that is what I look like after sleeping (haha I mean NOT sleeping) on an air mattress 4 nights in a row. Beeeeautiful. ack!

Img 2917

Oh, how I love my own bed.


11 Responses to “Florida Trip”

  1. Kate Says:

    I want to go back to Florida!! I love the English Pub. crap I forget what it’s called but I had the best beer in there.
    Welcome back to the land of snow and freezing temps.

  2. Maya Says:

    Glad you had a great trip – but glad you’re back too. When are we going to spend an entire day drinking from the buffet of tea? Now that you have a mug and all, it only seems appropriate…

  3. Sarah Says:

    Please post sheepy mug pics. I must see it!
    You guys look like you had a great time!

  4. Kelly Sue Says:

    I second the request for a visual on the sheep mug!


  5. Stacey Says:

    I actually really like the hair in that last one. Very cute and messy 🙂

    Yay! Epcot! One of these days I’ll go there.

  6. joanna Says:

    I just stumbled onto your blog and thought I’d leave a quick note, so, greetings from another Cambrige-ite (Cambridger? Cambridgetonian? Heck if I know…) who is very jealous that you missed the crazy thunder and lightning snowstorm on Friday. Love your layout, I’m adding you to my favorites list! 🙂

  7. Casey Says:

    It’s actually “cantabrigian” 🙂 Blame the English.

  8. Anne Marie Says:

    Bed head is a very popular look. I think you should go with it.
    And I’m so glad you had a great trip to FL. Yeesh, didn’t youse have trouble with heating in your apartment last year too? Poor thing.

  9. carrie m Says:

    your grampy is so cute! his little routine is adorable. sounds like a wonderful trip.
    an aside about my grandfather, who is 96. he had severely swollen feet this weekend, so his doctor recommended that my uncle buy him a better recliner. my grandfather’s response: “it’s about time. my chair was old enough to vote!”

  10. Kat with a K Says:

    Glad you had a good time. Might we get a picture of the sheep mug?

  11. chelsea Says:

    thank you for the decemberist blurb (ok, i am a bit behind in my reading)– i snagged a ticket to see colin in VA next month, maybe my last chance to see him as an indie act?

    also good on you for the target reminder. i am going to post about it today.

    LOVE grampy’s hat!!