Random Friday Thoughts

April 15th, 2005

My mom is coming up tomorrow and we are going to our fittings for the wedding. It is supposed to be lovely weather this weekend- in the sixties tomorrow and (gasp!) the seventies on Sunday. So we should be able to have a really nice day.

I also got a call from Rugg Road Paper Company saying that our invitations were in! yay! We can go get them tomorrow when we are in Boston. Darn, guess that means I really should have those addresses ready. eek!


6 Responses to “Random Friday Thoughts”

  1. Vicki Says:

    About how many people are you inviting? Have a great weekend 🙂

  2. Rossana Says:

    What a fun weekend!

  3. Snidget Says:

    Everything is coming together beautifully!!!


  4. Leah Says:

    Looks like you have a lot of fun planning to do! Enjoy it and enjoy the weather!!!!

  5. Anne Marie Says:

    I hope you had beautiful weather and that the fittings went well 🙂
    If they didn’t, I hope you threw a proper Bridezilla tantrum.

  6. Evonne Says:

    I think you could make the necklace. Just bring a photo to your local bead store and they will probably be able to help you out! I know my local bead store would be able to do it, in a pinch!