Good blog day!

February 23rd, 2005

I have been feeling a bit homely lately. This feeling creeps up on me time to time and is usually cured by a good haircut. My hair is very fine (the nice word for thin) and if it is too long it just hangs there. Blah.

The problem is that my hair stylist ran away to California and I haven’t found one that I like as much.

(As a side note, why the heck does everyone keep leaving me and going to California? It is like this big black hole sucking everyone out of my life. Loody and Bridget were the first to go. Then my hair dresser, then the DJ for our wedding. gah! If one more person goes out there, they are bringing me with them!)

Anyway, back to my hair dilemma. It is incredibly difficult to find a new hairdresser- who to ask?

Well, my problem was solved with this post by bluepoppy! She got a fabulous new haircut yesterday at a place in Cambridge, on a tip from Amalah‘s blog (or Amy- not sure what she goes by… first time I read her was today…) So I called Salon Luna and set up an appointment for next week. yay! Ugly girl in the mirror, go away!!

But wait! The blog love just keeps on going!

I have been looking for a bright green laceweight yarn to make a shawl for my wedding. I just thought it would be fun to wear something that I made myself that day. (whether I have enough time to do that is something else entirely)

I read Pinku’s post today about this great yarn that she bought, which she discovered from a Knitter’s Review article.

Look where it led me! ooooh…..


You should check it out if you are looking for an inexpensive yarn to make a new project… it is supposed to be great too (see the article above). 🙂


12 Responses to “Good blog day!”

  1. Vicki Says:

    Not white for your wedding? It’s just wrong! Just kidding, I love that color! I soo need a new hairdresser too. It’s the worst!

  2. kat Says:

    yay for your new yarn! such a cute colour. I am so glad that I helped to facilitate your purchase. My wedding shawl (which I am now renaming the keepsake shawl as it never made it to my wedding) will HOPEFULLY be done in the next couple of weeks….fingers crossed!!

  3. Stacey Says:

    I haven’t gotten my hair cut since I moved up here :/ I don’t know who to go to. Then theres the issue of money. Then the issue of time. My hair is the longest it has been in oh…7 years or so. Eek!

    Purty green yarn. I hope you can make a shawl in time!

  4. molly Says:

    Hey, “fine”-haired knitters unite! I actually just got my hair cut yesterday. At my hair salon here they massage your head while you are waiting… it’s the best. But I got a little too loosened up and practically fell asleep while good old Yo was cutting my hair. It is a good two inches shorter than I had planned! Good thing hair grows!! Enjoy your cut…

  5. jes Says:

    I LOVE that green, and can’t wait to see how your shawl comes out!

  6. Sarah Says:

    That yarn is absolutely gorgeous! I can’t wait to see your shawl!

    I am embarassed to say anything about the last time I got a haircut….I feel your pain. I have very, very thick hair….and it does NOTHING once it grows beyond a certain point. And it has been past that point for a loooooong time. I hope you find someone to cut your hair that you like!

  7. Anne Marie Says:

    I stalk my hairdresssers to all over the place. They are such a big part of my life. Bad hair days are the worst!
    And lime green! I love it. You should knit a matching garter belt!

  8. Giao Says:

    Oh my, that yarn is YUM! I love that color green! Big big lucky wishes to help you get that shawl made in time for your wedding (what a fabulous idea!), and even bigger lucky wishes for a fantastic haircut experience next week!

  9. Maya Says:

    I always imagined I would knit a wedding “top” and then wear a long flowy hippie skirt if I got married. Yeah – we’ll see about that. Of course, I am completely in love with that yarn now. Lime Green!

  10. Loody Says:

    Sorry we seem to have set the black hole phenomenon in motion 🙂

    Salon Luna is very nice – my hairdresser was there when I first started going to her. Hope the haircut takes you to your happy place!!!

    love the lime green.

  11. Bellabelly Says:

    I only wish of having fine hair. I have course, 80’s car-dancer perm hair. Its like HAY. and DRY. and BIG. And seriously, it doesn’t get more homely than that.

    But! Always trust Bluepoppy and Amalah to pull you out of a slump… they’re good for it.

  12. The Feminist Mafia Says:

    Hi. Excellent blog. I’ve been reading for a month or so, so I thought I’d give something back. I too have straight fine hair. I love Linda Kirk at Judy Jetson’s in Porter Square. Enjoy!