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Yarn Therapy

Thursday, March 9th, 2006

Brooks Farm Four Play in Santa Fe


Four Play in Ginger


Awww… yeah.

Feeling much better now. 🙂

Ruffles, Ruffles Everywhere!

Sunday, March 5th, 2006

I conquered the ruffles. I am the RUFFLE QUEEN of the universe. BWAHAHA.

Unfortunately, crochet ruffles were impossible for me. I tried and tried but I just couldn’t do it and decided to knit them instead. (I picked up stitches up the button band, again, and then doubled the stitches and knit for a few rows.)

I present the NSS cardigan with a knitted ruffle:

Nssdone1 Nssdone2
Very happy with the way it turned out. The ruffle adds a bit of something happy and I have been wearing it for two days straight.

I also finished my ruffles scarf from Scarf Style.


Casey is calling it my Rotini Scarf and told me I should knit one in orange and green also. What a kidder!

Finishing stuff! Wee!

No Podium for Me

Wednesday, March 1st, 2006

So I didn’t even come close to finishing all of my Olympic knits. Wah. LOSER!

Not too surprising though- I knew I was biting off more than I could chew. Plus, it was so warm in the DR that I just couldn’t knit that much and the wind on the beach kept blowing my yarn!

I did finish my NSS Cardigan on time though.

Img 3380

Well, sorta finished… I was originally not going to add the ruffles that are in the pattern but now that it is done, it is a little too conservative for me- not funky enough. Something about the high neckline… So, it was technically not completely done for the Olympic Deadline.

Details/ Adjustments:
As you can see, I added about 7 inches on length on the body- to make it a full size cardigan. I increased gradually after the waistline, adding probably 12 stitches overall.

The sleeves are cropped and end about halfway between my wrists and elbow, also a bit longer than the pattern. (I will do modeled shots once I do the darn ruffles.)

I also changed the edging- doing a seed stitch border instead of a rolling one. I like it much better, especially because I am on a seed stitch binge at the moment. And really, does anyone want a rolling edge on the bottom of a cardigan? I do not want anything rolling in that area. 😉

Img 3387 Img 3386

The yarn is gorgeous (Alpaca with a Twist- Baby Twist, Dark brown #0294) – it drapes beautifully and feels wonderful. I ended up knitting this on size 5 needles to get gauge for the body and size 2 for the borders. (one size smaller than the pattern for each)

I used mostly all of the two skeins (8.75 oz / 549 yards) that I bought at Rhinebeck– with enough left over to do a few ruffles.

Okay, now. The ruffles.

I CANNOT DO THEM. I don’t know what is wrong with me because everyone else seems to do them with no problem. They are crocheted on to the edge between the button band and the body of the sweater. Double crochet onto one stich. Seems easy, huh? I am the dumbest person ever.

As for the rest of my Olympic knitting, I am still trucking. I am almost ALMOST done with the ruffles scarf and have almost finished the first skeins of quiviuq for the lace scarf. I will not allow myself to work on other stuff though until they are done. Dammit.

Joining Femiknit Mafia’s Turtle KAL:

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can! (my favorite early childhood book)

Wonky Blog

Sunday, February 26th, 2006

Casey and I are playing around with the new blog- please bear with me… Should be up and running normally soon.

There were a couple problems with my feed- it was refreshing some of them that were posted before the upgrade. My technical director (haha) says that it should be okay now though. It was driving me nuts though so hopefully it hasn’t pissed too many people off.

Also, I am uploading all my knitting projects into a knitting gallery and they were turning up in my feed for a little while there. Sorry for any confusion that may have caused.

I realized when I started making my new site that I had not updated my knitting gallery on my old one for the entire year of 2005! Sheesh! Obviously, I needed a new, easier way to enter projects!

UFO Hall of Shame

Wednesday, February 8th, 2006

I have had quite a few hidden knitting projects that I haven’t been posting about on here. I can’t take it any more though and am coming clean!

Why such a change of heart, you may ask? Well, you might have heard of this thing called the Knitting Olympics. Yep, I am joining the masses of knitters and have enlisted in different two teams:


and (of course)

Teambostonskate2 1

I just had to be responsible this time and finish up some things that have been lying around here for waay too long instead of casting on for a new project. (even though I really want to!!)

I realize this is bending the rules for the Olympics a bit but I certainly think my plan is ambitious enough to, at least, follow that rule.

So here we go… hold on to your hats.

First up, Ruffles Scarf in organic cotton and Rebecca’s Wrap with Sleeves. The ruffles scarf is almost done- I just need to finish knitting up that last skein. The wrap, on the other hand, is not even half done. That one will probably kill me before the 26th.

Img 3181 Img 3183

Next we have Julie’s wedding stole, which I made for her wedding back in September. I had some more yarn left and wanted to make it longer. I have been working on this one off and on since then but would like to actually send it to her before they’ve been married 6 months!

Img 3180

Last week, I cast on for Wendy’s Not-So-Shrunken Cardigan, with the alpaca that I bought at Rhinebeck (so yummy!) I have been moving really fast (it’s a great pattern) and hope to finish this even before the Olympics begin- hopefully I will do it!

Img 3188

Next, the Quiviuq scarf- I also cast on for this fairly recently. It is a replacement for the same scarf that I tragically lost a couple years ago. Casey bought me both sets of yarn- he must really love me. Just thinking about that scarf still makes me sad.


Anyway. The pattern is actually taken from this bookmark pattern and I bordered it with seed stitch. I can’t wait to wear this again.

Img 3186

GAH! Still one more…

I took this picture in May of 2003 and the damn thing still looks exactly the same today!! THE HORROR.


That blob is actually a French Market Bag that just needs to be finished.

So I have definitely bitten off more that I can chew but I am going to do my best. That is finishing 6 projects. Um yeah, I am out of my mind.

Another Amelia

Monday, January 23rd, 2006

I had to take a break from screwing up my retro cardigan (I’ll tell ya later once I can stand even thinking about that damn thing…) and knit up a lining for my “pom pilot” hat.

It is knit with my favorite, Karabella Aurora 8 in Color 20 with a size 8 needle. Amelia Earhart pattern.

Img 3151 Img 3159

Img 3150 Img 3160

Now my ears won’t freeze when the temperature plummets again- wee! (The white hat is cotton and wasn’t keeping the wind out…)

Retro Cardi- ack!

Thursday, January 19th, 2006

I finished seaming up my retro cardigan and I am not so sure what I think…

It is quite snug. I knit it in the 34 but I wish I did the 37 now. I also added 2 inches of length to the body on each piece and also the sleeves. Good thing too! It would be halfway down my torso otherwise!

Img 3142

Img 3137

Img 3138


Next up the collar… still not sure about this one.

Retro Cardi Progress

Friday, January 6th, 2006

Finished the front- blocking now!

And it only took two containers of blocking pins! wee!!!

Retro Front

Retro Cardigan

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2006

I started knitting the Brilliant Retro cardigan (Winter 2005, Interweave) last week and have been flying away on it. I’d thought about not being a yarn snob and using the Patons yarn that the pattern calls for but the color would be really horrible on me. It turns out there are not many colors to choose from with it either and it looks a bit flashy in person, although the picture makes it look pretty! Too bad!


Anyway, I decided to try out Knitpicks for the first time and decided on Shine & Shine Twist in a ridiculously un-practical bright green color, called Grass. What am I going to do with a green cardigan? No idea whatsoever.


Here is the back that I finished last night- blocking! Went really fast. I did have a hard time reading the row counter in the dark parts of Narnia but these are the sacrifices we knitters make for our projects. This sweater will be a big comfort to me when I am blind at age 35.


I started the first front panel but it seems really skinny! I know it is a close-fitting sweater but still!

Is anyone out there knitting this cardigan?

Another Hat!

Monday, January 2nd, 2006

In the midst of the Christmas rush, I fell in love with this hat that I saw in the winter issue of Interweave, in the article about the designer Veronik Avery.

I probably will not look cute in it because I have no hair to cascade out of it like the pretty model but I ordered the yarn (Ami Ami’s Faith) anyway.

Isn’t it beautiful?

Img 3024

To my surprise, when I received the yarn they also sent me all of their color cards! Good grief! This is dangerous!

Img 3023