July 2nd, 2006

… We swam in the pool, lazed about and drank champagne from 12 to 9pm.

… I got a sunburn while sitting in the shade.

… I sat on a chair with a hornets nest in it and got stung on my ass.

… my mother-in-law asked to look at my butt, which I showed her without hesitation. I am not sure what that says about me but there it is.

… I finished my stripey aqua-melon socks (yes, finally Maya! hah!) Vesper sock yarn, in case you likey. I got it right before it became harder to get than a non-humid summer day in Boston.


ahh.. They feel so good in 88% humidity. (speaking of)

… I started some Jaywalkers. Really is something to that darn pattern. Freaking addictive. Dammit.

… I was told by a really drunk guy, “Keep up with that f*cking sock thing… that sock thing is f*cking awesome!” Thanks, Super Drunk Guy!

Ah… nothing like 4th of July weekend. 🙂


11 Responses to “Today…”

  1. maurene Says:

    yay for finishing those (long!) socks!

  2. Kat with a K Says:

    Ooh, the socks are gorgeous! I love the colors!

  3. Maya Says:

    The socks, they are a masterpiece–finally! 😉

    I hope your butt heals quickly. Hornet stinks – yikes!

  4. Moe Says:

    Argh. Hornet’s nest – hope your bum is ok. Glad you are not allergic, can you imagine the consequences?

    Love those socks! Orange stripes!

    I really like New England (and lobster rolls!). We haven’t really been experiencing summer here yet in Nova Scotia (similar weather to Maine I would think). Unrelenting pouring rain for 2 months is more like it. Its been sunny for the last several days…but more rain coming…sigh.

  5. Dorothy B Says:

    Sunburns, hornet stings and showing your butt to your MIL. Sounds like a great weekend.
    Nice socks!

  6. Betsy Says:

    Where was your hank of yarn for your sun block?????
    Sounds like you guys had an awesome week!!!!
    Boston Red Soxs were in town – yee haw – they won 2 out 3!!!!!!!
    YEEEEEEEE HAWWWWWW – I lost my voice screaming! sorry cheering, I do not scream, no not me!

  7. Stacey Says:

    I don’t know if I could show my butt to anyone…other than Randy. Although, who knows in times of desperation.

    Did you use a a pattern for the melon socks? I was looking for something simple like that for some yarns I’ve got.

    And the Jaywalkers? I had to give up. Turns out they’re not good for people with wide feet like me.

  8. Christopher Says:

    The guys at work were appalled that Casey had such a high fever and you didn’t make him go to the doctor!

  9. Anne Marie Says:

    Those sock are awesome…I’m glad you “f*cking” kept with that sock thing.

  10. frecklegirl/sarah Says:

    Hi, other frecklegirl 🙂 I don’t know if you know of my existence but I recently googled my own screenname of the past, oh, 6 years or so and was so surprised! I hope you don’t mind sharing your name 🙂 Your site is adorable, too!

  11. Sara Says:

    Jess, I was so glad to have met you at Kate’s this weekend! I’m going to be posting a few pictures from the weekend on my site a little later… thankfully none of them are of me with the sunburn. I would love to keep in touch with you! Love ya!