UFO Hall of Shame

February 8th, 2006

I have had quite a few hidden knitting projects that I haven’t been posting about on here. I can’t take it any more though and am coming clean!

Why such a change of heart, you may ask? Well, you might have heard of this thing called the Knitting Olympics. Yep, I am joining the masses of knitters and have enlisted in different two teams:


and (of course)

Teambostonskate2 1

I just had to be responsible this time and finish up some things that have been lying around here for waay too long instead of casting on for a new project. (even though I really want to!!)

I realize this is bending the rules for the Olympics a bit but I certainly think my plan is ambitious enough to, at least, follow that rule.

So here we go… hold on to your hats.

First up, Ruffles Scarf in organic cotton and Rebecca’s Wrap with Sleeves. The ruffles scarf is almost done- I just need to finish knitting up that last skein. The wrap, on the other hand, is not even half done. That one will probably kill me before the 26th.

Img 3181 Img 3183

Next we have Julie’s wedding stole, which I made for her wedding back in September. I had some more yarn left and wanted to make it longer. I have been working on this one off and on since then but would like to actually send it to her before they’ve been married 6 months!

Img 3180

Last week, I cast on for Wendy’s Not-So-Shrunken Cardigan, with the alpaca that I bought at Rhinebeck (so yummy!) I have been moving really fast (it’s a great pattern) and hope to finish this even before the Olympics begin- hopefully I will do it!

Img 3188

Next, the Quiviuq scarf- I also cast on for this fairly recently. It is a replacement for the same scarf that I tragically lost a couple years ago. Casey bought me both sets of yarn- he must really love me. Just thinking about that scarf still makes me sad.


Anyway. The pattern is actually taken from this bookmark pattern and I bordered it with seed stitch. I can’t wait to wear this again.

Img 3186

GAH! Still one more…

I took this picture in May of 2003 and the damn thing still looks exactly the same today!! THE HORROR.


That blob is actually a French Market Bag that just needs to be finished.

So I have definitely bitten off more that I can chew but I am going to do my best. That is finishing 6 projects. Um yeah, I am out of my mind.


17 Responses to “UFO Hall of Shame”

  1. kat Says:

    You’ll totally deserve a medal if you finish all of those projects. Just think how good it would feel to be all done though. You may have given me the courage to list my UFOs….now just have to go and dig them out.

  2. may Says:

    my dear frecklegirl, your ufo count is not terrible at all! go look at mine and be very comforted! 😉 I moved to typepad and have an album of UFOs..it’s INSANE! …there are 2 sweaters that I haven’t even added to the pile. Having many projects at once is a good thing (i think..hehe)

    Did you know about the UFOlympics? It’s a separate kal..here’s the site http://knitting.xaviermusketeer.com/

    happy knitting!

  3. maryse Says:

    finishing all of my UFOs felt great. i think it’s a great challenge for the olympics.

  4. moody knitter Says:

    Good luck. If you manage you will become my new idol!!

  5. heather Says:

    man – you set good goals! I’m rooting you on!

  6. suzanne Says:

    Although I can’t claim quite as many ufo as you, I have been working on my white sweater since 1986, my wool/silk/purple one since 1987, and a cotton pullover since 1990. It is a wonderful feeling to actually finish a project, and I was very proud of myself when I cast off the last stitch of a sweater I had made for my daughter. She was eight years old when I started, and she is now turning thirteen in October… I knew she’d never wear it (too small, now), but at least I finished it 😉

  7. maya Says:

    If finish even half of those (and you’ll probably finish way more than that), you are going to feel great! Especially Julie’s Shawl, I think.

    Even if I wanted to sign up for the big KO, I looked and I’m already too late. 🙁 I guess it wasn’t meant to be…but I can always help cheer you on (or knit the rest of that ruffles scarf… you know, cheating? Just kidding, by the way…)

  8. Scout Says:

    Wow. Lotso UFO’s! I’m putting my Ruffles down to do Odessa.

  9. Anne Marie Says:

    Your UFOs are all pretty well underway…no shame necessary! And I love the bookmark scarf, what a great pattern!

  10. Kelly Sue Says:

    Peach, did you ever figure out the Rebecca pattern, then? I’d like to try it at some point, but if you’re daunted, then I’m skeered.

  11. Kat with a K Says:

    Eek! Good luck!

  12. Vicki Says:

    Good luck! It’s an admirable goal.

  13. biglug Says:

    I am so impressed with your ambitious goal! You can do it! I know it!

  14. Kim Says:

    You may be out of your mind, but MAN will you feel great when it’s all finished! 😉

  15. Sarah Says:

    You can TOTALLY do this! Go for it!

  16. Moe Says:

    Does it count as a UFO if it is still in skein form? If so, I have a lot of them – not to mention a project that I may have to rip since I’m not at the same *ahem* running weight as when I started it (5-8 lbs on a 5’2″ person can make a big difference).

    Good luck on your Olympic aspirations – I may join the drunken observer team…

  17. Kristin Says:

    I have a Ruffles scarf in that very same yarn that needs to be finished. (Sigh) Actually, I think I have that very same couch, too! Crate & Barrel? : )